Rouleur conversations podcast: Giro d'Italia's great beauty and Dan Bigham

The Giro d’Italia is the most beautiful race in the world. But don’t take our word for it. Rouleur Italia editor Emilio Previtali joins us to describe what his home race means to the Italian nation. “Cycling in Italy is a kind of glue, bringing the people together.” Hard to argue with that. And as for the scenery… Bellissimo!

Dan Bigham and his KGF team gatecrashed the team pursuit World Cup so successfully the UCI changed the rules to outlaw club teams. Now working with the Danish federation to bring his scientific and engineering knowledge to their talented squad, Bigham’s new book Start at the End applies the principles of reverse engineering to all aspects of life, not just sporting performance. It’s a fascinating read from a talented racer and intelligent innovator. He’s a fine talker too, unsurprisingly.

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