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More Than Just Cycling
Rouleur Travel aims to be the premier authority in the world of cycling travel, renowned for its unique approach to storytelling and unforgettable experiences. With a commitment to delving deeper into the culture, lifestyle, and heritage of the sport.

In addition to our bespoke events tailored for corporate and private groups, we offer five annual “Rouleur Club” events, with each adventure limited to only 10 participants per trip, ensuring cyclists can enjoy these extraordinary journeys to some of the world's most iconic cycling destinations.

Each year we host 5 unique events for 10 participants

2024 Rouleur Club Season

Rouleur Club welcomes everyone, with no membership or subscription requirements, and there's no need for any specific bike or gear. The Club is designed for individuals who seek a deeper connection with the rich culture, cuisine, and the fascinating people encountered during our remarkable journeys.

All participants receive a 12 month subscription to Rouleur magazine.

4 DAYS | August 22-25, 2024 | 370km | 9,500m

Ultimate Swiss & Italian Alps

4 DAYS | OCTOBER 3-6, 2024 | 365KM | 10,000mM


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Multi-Sports Events

While cycling remains at the heart of what we do, we continuously work to offer more amazing adventures and varied activities. Whether it's providing triathlon coaching in Calpe or beautiful truffle walks in Tuscany, our goal is to engage and cater to a broad spectrum of individuals with truly unforgettable experiences.

Moreover, our events are not exclusive to cycling enthusiasts alone; we extend a warm welcome to non-cycling partners as well for a full range of off bike activities that including walking, paddle boarding, trail running, yoga, and cultural activities

Surprise and Delight

Story Telling and Photography

Rouleur excels in storytelling by going beyond race results and statistics to capture the essence of cycling culture, heritage, and the human stories behind the sport, presenting a deeper and more meaningful narrative for its audience.

At Rouleur Travel, our dedication to storytelling extends seamlessly to our events, as we venture into unexplored destinations, forge deeper connections with local guides, and immerse ourselves in authentic culinary experiences, all to deliver the element of surprise and delight to our participants.