Desire: Le Col Wiggins Jersey

There’s a video Sir Bradley Wiggins posted on Instagram following the Guildford date from his Icons book tour. A lad, early teens, is backstage carrying a yellow jersey Wiggo had given him after a stage at the 2012 Tour de France.

The young fan is nervous. His hero puts him at ease with a couple of jokes about him being surprised he hadn’t sold the jersey on eBay. Under the Instagram post, Bradley Wiggins has written the caption: “This is what it’s all about, reminds me of myself. Thanks for keeping it safe, stay in touch Andrew.”


What a kind gesture from a cycling fan to another. It’s this fandom for the sport that led to the Icons book being written and for Wiggins to team up with Le Col to design some cycling apparel that the Tour de France winner, Olympic Gold medalist and Knight of the Realm can ride in.

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The Wiggins by Le Col Collection is made up of two MOD inspired ranges. Sport, being the more affordable option, is made up of three jerseys and shorts for both men and women. The Pro collection, which retails slightly higher, also has three jerseys – one of which is the Gold Stripe one seen here – and men’s and women’s bib shorts.

Bradley Wiggins hasn’t included himself in his Icons book. Maybe Andrew will include him when he writes his post career memoirs. Do kids from Guildford win the Tour de France?


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