Win with Rouleur | Campagnolo Ekar Gravel Groupset

Some things are worth waiting for. If the Italian masters are late to the gravel party, then they’ve clearly not been stood outside the club pointlessly arguing with the bouncer. Campagnolo have gone straight to the bar and got a big round in with their Ekar groupset.


Our partners at Campagnolo are offering 1 lucky reader the chance to win a complete Ekar groupset, in a configuration of their choosing, plus a complete bikepacking bag setup and a limited edition kit. Five runners up will each go away with fresh socks and a cap. To enter, simply enter your details below before the 9th of October.

Good luck


The crankset - in particular - is a thing of beauty, with four chainring size options and four crank lengths. A 13-speed cassette takes care of business at the back to give a great gear range for a 1x set-up, guided by a derailleur that is a real work of art. Gear shifting looks practical from either tops or drops, thanks to the improved ‘Lever 3’ design.

And here’s the bit that may surprise you. Ekar is the lightest gravel groupset in its sector, despite that extra gear – or two, depending on the opposition. Food for thought. 

Though the groupset is undoubtedly the focus here, Campagnolo have also released a considered collection of gravel-specific clothing and bikepacking luggage. Branded Ekar, the range consists of classically styled jersey and bib short combos, with some handy storage additions for your off-piste adventures.


Campagnolo Ekar Shifters


I have been on Campagnolo for 35 years now and I have a forearm tattoo to prove it. I have Chorus H11 on my CX bike (sadly with a Sram Force 1x crank) so a swap to Ektar would be ideal for making all my bikes 100% Campagnolo. THE best parts and the ONLY parts (other than that crank) on all my bikes.

John October 13, 2020

Can’t wait to get my Ekar!

Steve Loosecog October 10, 2020

Campag raise the bar once again!

Denmis Dwyer October 10, 2020

Esse grupo é maravilhoso!!!

Juliano F Goncalves October 13, 2020

Beautifully designed!

KEITH October 13, 2020


franz schanda October 13, 2020

Wow, looks and sounds fabulous!

Peter October 13, 2020

Need a 2x option…please!

Bike Dumper October 13, 2020

Friends don’t let friends run Shimano.
Campagnolo rules..

Spencer October 13, 2020

I’ve been riding roads and using Campagnolo since 1969…a trusty friend…one for life…gravel is the next adventure for me and Campagnolo will be under me until the end…

William Green October 13, 2020

Campy has a way of growing with you. The peculiarities become part of how we ride, how we flow. They sounds and feels, reassuring.
My two young daughter started riding with me. I hope that they share the same passion, not just for the places we go, but also for the people we share the adventures with. The pure energy in the suffering of a climb. The tingle of fear and excitement of flying downhill and driving through a corner. Resisting the need to slow down, holding the tuck trough the apex, and laughing at the sound of your heartbeat pulsing through your ears.
Some fathers hand down jewelry, I hope to hand down to my little girls the love of cycling, and beautiful Campy bikes that we’ll build together.

Daniel Perez October 10, 2020


Peter October 13, 2020

Super Record and Chorus 12 speed are superb. No doubt Ekar will be superb too. I can’t wait to give it a try.

Tony Hartley October 10, 2020

Campagnolo – for those who just know

Cameron Crawford October 13, 2020

Campagnolo – for those who just know

Cameron Crawford October 10, 2020

The name Campagnolo sets hearts skipping a beat
The look of desire
The passion of the ride
The smile of satisfaction
The beauty of the presentation
All these in a modern and on point group set
I now have an new desire for my gravel build..

Stephen October 10, 2020

Beautiful 👌

Scott Walker October 10, 2020

I wish I was blessed with a set of that beautiful Italian craftmanship to rocket boost my gravel monster bike
on going project…

Juan M. Vazquez October 13, 2020

Thanks for spreading the Campagnolo ❤️

Peter Carlton October 08, 2020

That may be late to the party, but when they arrive, they ARE the party!!

DeeAnn October 05, 2020

Wonderfully designed by Campagnolo with distinctive elegance and superior perfection

Lelio Bio October 02, 2020

Ya tuve una visicleta canpaholo i cómo me gustaría tener hotra !

Luís October 02, 2020

This a marvellous groupset in the world!

Jacques PONS October 02, 2020

Since my first proper road bike (a second hand Holdsworth, yes I’m getting on), I’ve always run Campagnolo and have therefore developed an affinity with them during all those miles. This latest groupset will now accompany me on my new cycling adventures.

James Johnston October 02, 2020

Could only be Campag……

Karl October 02, 2020

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