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Bike, print of original illustration by Chris Pasche. The bicycle, push bike, road bike, mountain bike, gravel bike, hybrid, bmx, cyclo-cross, electric bike, folding bike, time-trial bike, fixie, tandem, fat bike, track bike, all-mountain, commuter, triathlon, downhill bike, trials bike, touring, audax……..the bike, voted one of the world’s greatest inventions because of its simplicity of design, universal use and ecological credentials. The bicycle literally changed society, democratising transport and expanding the boundaries of where individuals could travel. Broadening people’s horizons to discover new places and people beyond their own villages (and in the process widening the gene pool!) Bike design has essentially remained unchanged in over 100 years, a simple, efficient means of transport bringing freedom, physical and mental health benefits and most importantly, joy to millions. "When I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the human race." (HG Wells)

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