Reaching new heights of performance with the Elite Justo indoor trainer

Beat the chill with Elite’s Justo indoor trainer

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As winter’s icy grip tightens its hold and sunny café rides seem a distant memory, more and more cyclists are embracing indoor cycling, opting for the world of Watopia instead of bundling up in hundreds of layers for a weekend ride. Especially in today’s world, where indoor trainers and the use of interactive training tools have become an almost realistic representation of cycling outside. And this is something Elite have pushed to achieve with its Justo indoor trainer, which the Italian brand says is the most advanced tool in its home trainer range with high realism and thrill. 

The trainer's key stand-out feature is its ability to replicate the feeling of riding outdoors, in particular, tackling double-digit climbs of up to 24 per cent. The Justo is self-calibrating and automatically manages the resistance of the climbs for the route you’re taking on and allows you to really hone your climbing skills, so when it comes to riding in the summer, you’ll be able to tackle any ascents thrown your way. 

To further replicate that outdoor riding experience, Elite introduced its “Flex Feet” foldable legs, which it says makes your pedalling sensation even more realistic based on the rigidity picked. The interchangeable feet mimic the side-to-side movement of riding, so you have more flex, making the bike feel more natural under the force of the pedals and helping to reduce fatigue. 

Elite ensured that the trainer had an integrated power meter for maximum precision within one per cent accuracy, and it features its new ERG mode data smoothing options. That includes its “Easy Start” mode, which makes it easier for you to start or resume an interval after you’ve stopped pedalling – removing the resistance from the flywheel until you start pedalling again, giving you a few seconds to move your legs before going all-out on an effort. The flywheel of the Justo also has been updated from its other models in order to reduce any noise coming from the trainer, allowing you to focus on their training without any distracting noises. 

The Justo trainer is also equipped with dual Bluetooth channels, meaning you can connect up to two Bluetooth devices at the same time. It also features Elite’s Cardio Bridge and Cadence Bridge functions, allowing you to also connect a heart rate monitor or cadence sensor to the trainer. The trainer is also compatible with road, gravel, and mountain bikes with its 130-135 x 5mm quick release hubs and 142 x 12mm thru-axle hubs which are included with the trainer. It also fits up to 12-speed cassettes for road and mountain bikes, however, cassettes are not included in the Justo’s package. 

Not only is performance at the heart of Elite’s Justo indoor trainer, but also sustainability. According to the brand, 46% of the trainer is built using pre-consumer recycled plastics. 

Elite have attempted to tick all the boxes for what you require when it comes to indoor training and as a result, have created a top-end product which retails at £999. With the development of such high-quality indoor trainers, winter no longer means an end to your yearly training, allowing you to ride throughout the year and improve your performance and refine your skills, from the comfort (and warmth) of your own home. 

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