Rouleur tech podcast: Lael Wilcox Unbound

Ultra-Endurance rider Lael Wilcox was the fastest woman at Unbound 2021. She sits down with host Dan Cavallari to discuss going fast over 350 miles of gravel. 

While it's all about the legs and the heart, bike tech plays a vital role in multi-day races in the wilderness. From making the right choice of aero bar or flat bar, choosing the best power banks and bringing a reliable head-torch for those nighttime mechanicals, Lael doesn't leave a single element of her gear to chance.

Evidently as averse to an idle mind as an idle body, Lael also explains how she rode across Alaska while listening to East of Eden on audiobook, and in one race stayed awake by scaring herself stiff listening to Stephen King's It. 

We promise this podcast will be a little less jarring.

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