Rouleur conversations podcast: La Vuelta a España with Olga from Volata and Tim Moore

This edition is dedicated to La Vuelta, too often the poor relation of its French and Italian equivalents. 

Olga Ábalos, editor of Rouleur's Spanish sister magazine Volata, admits the race has an identity crisis, but praises the organisers' willingness to experiment and try new things – like the Gamoniteiro, this year's novelty climb, which will subject the world's best riders to a series of near vertical cattle grids...  

Tim Moore, who chronicled his attempts at riding the Tour and the Giro in his books French Revolutions and Gironimo, has finally tackled La Vuelta.  Never one for the easy option, he retraced the route of the 1941 edition, 4,500 kilometres in the middle of a heatwave and a pandemic.  He joins presenter Ian Parkinson to share the story of Spanish cycling's forgotten anti-hero Julián Berrendero.


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