Rouleur Conversations podcast: TCA mentor programme and Japanese keirin racing

The Cyclist’s Alliance, the organisation formed to aid female racers both during and after their careers, recently announced a mentor programme with backing from major players in the industry, including Specialized, Cannondale and Trek. Gracie Elvin from the TCA joins us to outline what help will be available to riders under the new initiative. Rouleur’s very own Rachel Jary, a recently retired racer turned journalist herself, shares her own experience of making the change and adjusting to life using a keyboard instead of a bicycle to make a living.  The fascinating and gruelling world of Japanese keirin is the subject of a new book by Justin McCurry. War on Wheels takes a deep dive into the unique cultural and sporting significance, deeply intertwined with the gambling industry, of keirin racing and its place in modern Japan. Derny driver Ian Parkinson tries to get his head round the convoluted rules of the non-Olympic version of the sport that does not even use a derny. Oh, and it’s pronounced ‘care-rin’, by the way.   

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