Top Banana: Tour de France stage 20 – Romain Bardet

Cut away. Please, just cut away.

As Romain Bardet battled his bicycle through the closing metres in Marseille, by refusing to switch to a shot of the race leader instead, the Tour’s television directors seemed to reveal a sadistic side. 

Or maybe that’s what makes for good TV?

For with second place long lost, it appeared the only drama remaining was whether Bardet would end up being overtaken on the run-in to Stade Vélodrome. Froome, the one man behind him and last to go, had rolled off the ramp a full two minutes after him. 

In the end, by sheer force of will, Bardet made it to the line with three seconds to spare. Froome’s own entrance to the stadium, literally in the background, felt like a footnote.

For much of the 22 kilometre course, as he rattled along like a twelve year-old tumble dryer, it seemed the Frenchman would suffer the ultimate humiliation. 

Romain Bardet: building the Romain Empire

Indeed, as Froome began the climb towards the Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde basilica, Bardet had still to reach the top. Even more agonisingly suspenseful were the final kilometres, which must have felt like the longest, straightest stretch of road he’d ridden in three weeks.

Froome followed Bardet so soon under the kite that it seemed the game was surely up.

He hung on. 

As it turned out Bardet was just a single second away from slipping off the podium entirely. Whether it was from that possibility, or the thought of the rapidly approaching Froome, that he summoned one last scrap of strength, summon it he did.

If they expect to ever again win the grande boucle, French riders must realise that they cannot continue to so wilfully neglect the craft of time trialling. In spite of that weakness, for giving it absolutely everything, and because France TV didn’t cut away, Romain Bardet is our Top Banana.

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