Merckx, Burton and Colnago inducted into the Cycling Hall of Fame

Let’s talk about last night…if we’re honest, it should probably be inducted into the inaugural Cycling Hall of Fame for being such a legendary night in itself. Our guests who came are some of the most iconic figures within the sport. In its first year, Beryl Burton, Eddy Merckx and Ernesto Colnago are the first to be inducted

There’s the age old saying that you should never meet your heroes because they will always disappoint, thankfully that was certainly not the case with Eddy Merckx. His palmarès is something we are never likely to see again in the sport. Mark Cavendish presented him the trophy.

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He took to the stage alongside Denise Burton who collected the award posthumously for her mother’s lifetime achievements. Beryl was one of the most courageous and determined cyclists who won nearly 100 national championships and seven world titles.

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Ernesto Colnago needs very little introduction, the level of craftsmanship that he puts into his Colnago bikes drives many aficionados to go weak at the knees.

We welcome all three into Rouleur’s Cycling Hall of Fame and celebrate them for their iconic achievements. 


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