Introducing Rouleur Italia and Volata

Spanish and Italian versions of Rouleur launched

Many of you will have our celebratory issue 100 by now. We hope you enjoy the new look and feel – and smell – of our hundredth magazine. We enjoyed every minute of planning and putting this one together in what has been a testing year for us all.

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Putting the English language magazine aside for a moment, it is with great pleasure that we introduce two foreign language editions to the fold, a major step towards making Rouleur a cycling publication renowned across the globe and not just the English-speaking world.

Rouleur Italia issue 1

Abbonati e ricevi gratuitamente il primo numero da collezione di Rouleur, in lingua Italiana

Our Italian and Spanish versions of Rouleur will reflect the English equivalent with a local twist to accommodate the interests of their differing audiences, but always with the same values that have stood us in good stead these past 14 years: Quality, not quantity. In depth, not shallow. Collectable, not disposable. Like Rouleur, there will be eight issues a year, but each issue will be printed and shipped directly from Italy and Spain. 

Volata issue 24

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With two new editions, we also welcome two new editors, Emilio Previtali and Olga Àbalos, who are introduced below. Both bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience around the sport, and a fresh new outlook to help take Rouleur Italia and Volata forward into the future. 

An exciting end to the year for us; we can't wait to see what 2021 holds in store.

Ian Cleverly - Executive Editor  





In 2006, I was a professional skier and journalist, directing an Italian ski-mountaineering magazine. My first encounter with Rouleur was a shock. They spoke of cycling in a way that was close to how I see sport; writing not only about results and competitions, but the human stories behind them, the results, failures, and experiences. Standing at the newsstand with Rouleur in my hands, the desire to create my own cycling magazine was born. Soon after, that desire became a reality, and then, after a few years, here I am at Rouleur, publishing the very first Italian edition. It feels like the closure of a circle, the fulfilment of a dream. Now, I look forward to an exciting future and can’t wait to bring my passion for cycling and stories to you.

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I discovered Rouleur ten years ago and that made a great impact on me. It made me wonder if a magazine like this could be done in Spanish. Four years later I decided to bring together a small group of cycling enthusiasts and launch Volata Magazine, to develop the kind of sport journalism we wanted to do. We really believe sport is a cultural and social expression and cycling is a way of life that should be communicated with high standard contents, photography, and design. So joining Rouleur is quite a natural process for us; we really think our journey together will help us to offer our existing and new readers a broader and more engaging range of cycling content.

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