Gallery: Behind the Tour de France podium

An exclusive look into the podium protocol which shapes a crucial part of the winning rider's routines

Behind the podium of the Tour de France exists a whole other world. It is here where all of the press conferences are held, where riders warm down, where they collect their flowers and slip into their new distinctive jerseys.

Rouleur got behind the scenes today for a special look at the perfectly calibrated affair.

Moments after crossing the line, stage winner Jasper Philipsen rolls behind the security guards to begin the post-stage protocol.

Jonas Vingegaard reflects on the stage during his traditional post-stage warm-down.

Next to Vingegaard, Philipsen answers an initial round of questions regarding the day’s stage.

Behind the stage, Philipsen prepares for the podium ceremony.

After receiving the award for his most recent stage victory, Philipsen then slips into a new green jersey as the leader of the points category.

Tadej Pogačar smells the flowers moments before walking onto the stage of the podium.

After returning from the podium, Vingegaard then signs a select number of distinctive yellow jerseys that will be offered to different partners.

Neilson Powless waits his turn for the podium.

After finishing with the podium, Jasper Philipsen then heads toward the mixed zone for another round of interviews.

Powless steps onto the podium under the eye of photographers and fans.

 Vingegaard is the first into the video-conference room where he then fields questions from the press room.

Vingegaard responds to the question of one journalist virtually.

Next question please.

The hand and the maillot jaune.

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