Desire: Podia long sleeve jersey

Two years ago, Max Burgess left London for Kraków, Poland. Inspired by his relocation, he started a blog about discovering new and interesting places to ride bikes. He called it, Podia.

Soon after creating Podia, he made a jersey for himself featuring its logo. Then things changed. He started getting a lot of requests from readers asking where they could buy one to wear themselves while out riding. Things snowball.

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Podia doesn’t use standard fabrics and templates from service brands. It’s all Podia, not a rebranded jersey or shorts from someone else. Sourcing everything itself has been a two-year process, and not an easy one, but it’s led to Podia having a network of producers in Italy, Lithuania and at home in Poland to produce the kit how it wants it.

Recently Podia released its Merino Wool kit that Burgess and his friends tested on the Silk Road Mountain Race. The 165gram long sleeve jersey is made from Sportwool. A similar stuff to the fabric used by other brands.

Sportwool combines natural and synthetic wool together and produces something perfect for autumnal weather. It’s comfortable, thermal and odor resistant (good for the café stop) and due to its mix with polyester, it stays in shape.

The rear has the traditional three pockets, which have reflective edging for low level light conditions, and concealed zip pocket. The front features a wider zipper for easy opening and the arm displays the Podia emblem. 

There’s a blog, there are Podia cycling holidays, and now a range of kit that holds its own against more established cycling brands. Things snowball.


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