Desire: CHPT3 1.62 Jersey Jacket

There’s an awful lot of cross-pollination in creativity. A visit to the Pompidou Centre in Paris inspired Nike to expose the Air bubble in the sole of its shoes.

In London, the Venus Flower Basket Sponge inspired Sir Norman Foster’s Gherkin Tower, and Beyoncé was the stimulus for the Elenberg Fraser building in Melbourne.

The designers at CHPT3 were also stirred by an unlikely source for its ORIGIN 1.62 Jersey Jacket: the styling of Eileen Sullivan, the wardrobe mistress for the first five James Bond films. She was the person that put Sean Connery in the red dive suit in Thunderball.

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The JJ, as the people at CHPT3 call it, despite looking like something out of a 1965 Bond movie, is made from an ultra modern fabric. There’s probably a reference we could make here about it being designed by Q in some fortified laboratory, but let’s stick to the story.


There are days when a long sleeve jersey is too thin and a jacket far too warm. Most of us layer up and remove stuff as we go and end up with overloaded jersey pockets. The JJ resolves layering issues with its 3-ply fabric, which is bonded around a foam core.

It’s this core that gives the JJ its unique performance, as well as its aesthetics, and CHPT3 say it can be worn comfortably when the temperature is as low as 0°C degrees right up to 20°C. Think of it as a thermos flask for your body.

The JJ was released in grey last autumn, but now it’s available in black. What other colour would you expect for a MI6 agent?


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