Desire: BBUC Copycat Capsule

You’re sat at the dinner table. You recognise the faces of your nephews, mum’s nose, dad’s jawline; you even pick up on mannerisms passed down from their parents, but when they speak, it’s as if you’ve missed part of the conversation. New words. Fresh turns of phrase. It’s a generation thing. 

The same could be said of the new breed of cycling kit manufacturers that have so far managed to establish a business through Instagram. It’s cycling kit – that we all recognise – but it’s saying it in a different way. And everyone’s listening. 

Desire: Sako 7 – The Eighties Kit 

BrilliBrilliant/Unicorn (or BBUC for purists adverse to hashtag era keyboard abuse): the name doesn’t give away too many clues as to what the company is pedaling. It originated from when its founders finished their Sunday ride, Ride Unicorn, in their hometown of Vienna. A fixed gear ride. One gear. One horn. One unicorn? Brilliant Unicorn? Not sure if we’re missing part of a conversation again, but that’s the gist.

Rather than release seasonal collections the way cycling clothing brands have done for years, BBUC, with a new way of thinking and perhaps taking inspiration from the likes of street wear brand, Supreme, drops new stuff every fortnight. This keeps everything fresh, and with a business built on Instagram, gives them more to say on its feed.

The Copycat Capsule came about as a statement on the “over-branding, hyper-sponsorship of team kit in the pro peloton”. This is the BBUC take on its imaginary cycling team.

The new generation is coming.

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