Cover Stories: issue 19.7 by Pietro Pietricola of Pegoretti

Dario Pegoretti was a master craftsman renowned for the quality of his steel frames and his extraordinary unique paint finishes, created at his bottega in Caldonazzo.

Following Dario’s death in 2018, the tight-knit team at Pegoretti continue his fine work, with long-time partner Pietro Pietricola at the fore.

The legendary Italian atelier famously offer their customers the option of ‘Ciavete’ – an exercise in artistry and improvisation. Hand-painted in a freeform, often abstract manner, each Ciavete is a unique composition, inspired by the moment and completed in one immersive, uninterrupted session.

In the same way that Rouleur subscribers have no idea what the member-exclusive cover of the magazine will look like when it drops through their letterbox, Pegoretti’s customers choosing Ciavete give complete freedom to the Italian artists to create something unique.

So we asked Pietro to create something for our members, and gave him complete freedom. He has painted a triptych of steel tubes lying on the studio surface covered in colour from paint tests and experiments – the creative foundations of the pieces of art laid upon them.

We were overjoyed with the result – stunning artistry. If you join Rouleur today, you can receive this issue for free

See Pegoretti frames and Pietro’s designs in the flesh at the Rouleur Classic in London.

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