2017 photographs of the year – part 3: Benedict Campbell

When Tom Pidcock asked Benedict Campbell if he’d like to see his Oakley collection, the photographer’s reply was “how many can you wear?” 

Several clicks of the shutter later and what was already a stunning shoot had another dimension to it. Maybe there’s something a little Daft Punk about the image. Whatever, it’s not your normal cycling magazine fare.

But then neither was much of the encounter in Pidcock’s native Yorkshire. From the junior star balancing his bike on monoliths to a guided tour of the Pidcock family tool shed, Campbell came back from the assignment with such a selection that every one of his images below might have come from the shoot.

But Rouleur uses the services of Oxford based photographer, filmaker and CG artist too frequently for his 2017 cycling photography to be defined by a single subject.


“A truly intimate moment trackside. Nick Stopler & Melvin van Zij at the 2017 Six Day London.”


“Taken at the 2017 Women’s Tour after the finish of the Stoke-on-Trent stage. Christina Percholdch and Clara Koppenburg are riding back to team-mates but I’m left wondering what the the man in the chair is thinking as the world of cycling descends on his city?”

Desire: Women’s Own for the Women’s Tour


“Alice Marzuffi wipes down after a tough day on the Women’s Tour. To me this illustrates how tough women’s racing is.” 

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“The moment before Tom Pidcock takes both his hands of the bars in the famous no-handed wheelie shot.”


“On a visit to Belgium, I was shocked to see the shrine in a church/museum, but then it is Eddy the God I worship.”


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