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Prologo are having a rather stella time of it of late, with young Slovenian Tadej Pogacar winning the Tour de France from his Prologo perch and the current Lion of Flanders - Alberto Bettiol - stealing the biggest win of his career aboard their saddles too. We've got a rather special custom saddle to give away to one lucky reader

To celebrate Bettiol's victory and commemorate the delayed 2020 edition of the Ronde Van Vlaanderen, Prologo are offering this limited edition Scratch M5 saddle. When we say limited, we mean it, with only 30 of these have been produced; 5 of which Alberto himself has distributed to his closest friends.

For your chance to win, simply enter your details in the form below before midnight on the 19th of October.

Good luck

Prologo Scratch.- Lion of Flanders


Maybe this time

David Calder October 23, 2020

Nice saddle! Looks light also!

Manos Kalvos October 23, 2020

Yes Please

Jonathan Styles October 23, 2020

Lovely saddle. BELLA.

Robert Powers October 23, 2020

Beautiful saddle. It would go with my “all the gear, no idea” look!

Jamie Vaughn-Sharp October 23, 2020


Rob October 23, 2020

WOW!! I’ve always wanted a Prologo saddle…thank you for this opportunity to win one!

Janet Lourenzo October 23, 2020


Malcolm Scott October 23, 2020

Did Flanders in 2016 with my girl friend to see if she was made of the right stuff… we are now married with a wee Rouleur of 2 years. Would love to give this to her for our anniversary…

Jason Irving October 23, 2020

Great prize 😀

Paul Westcombe October 23, 2020

Beautiful 😍

Sonja October 23, 2020

Nice :)

Chris H. October 23, 2020

Looks great!

Roy van Hal October 23, 2020

Wow, gorgeous!

Steve Dennis October 23, 2020

I would return to Belgium ASAP if I had that saddle.

Laura Hoevel October 23, 2020

Want to win

Ed Wiser October 23, 2020

This is special, definitely. I used t keep all kinds of saddle even if are ot good anymore, is like a smal colection.
Now I’m working and prepare a Colnago, a yellow one and this special saddle could be more than PERFECT !
The bike is for me, not for sale.

Alexandru Ciocan October 23, 2020

Such a beautiful saddle after Tour Of Flanders means a lot.
I dream to have it in my arms…

Manole Alexandru October 23, 2020

Wow ! As a huge fan of Flanders, this saddle isike a Monuent for any cyclist.

Colica Cristian October 23, 2020

Please enter my name for the competition.

Lindsay Owen October 20, 2020

Would look great on my bike for the next trip to Belgium, cobbles rock.

Brian Woolley October 20, 2020

😎 🦁 🇧🇪 👍🏼

Axel October 20, 2020


Chew Ah Fock October 20, 2020

Fab saddle!!

James A Hamilton October 20, 2020

I love Flanders! 💜💞💜 🇧🇪

Cindy Siukonen October 20, 2020

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