Trust in the process: ASSOS launches limited-edition collection with Puck Moonen

The limited-edition collaboration is a new direction for the Swiss cycling apparel brand

This article was produced in association with ASSOS

When a rider triumphantly crosses the finish line, emotion erupts – arms thrust upwards in a display of pure elation, mingled with relief and exhaustion. Yet, behind this instantaneous image of victory lies a story of unwavering dedication and tireless training, resulting in that moment of triumph. The path to success is anything but linear, despite how much most people would like it to be.

The journey towards achieving greatness can twist, turn, spiral, and tangle – an intricate dance of determination, commitment, and faith. “The journey is more important than the destination,” said athlete and influencer Puck Moonen during the launch of her collaborative collection with Swiss cycling apparel brand ASSOS.

Having previously been a professional cyclist, Moonen now takes a more relaxed approach to her life in the saddle, and her cycling ethos is now focused around trusting the process. This has served as inspiration for the creation of her limited-edition collaboration with ASSOS.

The jersey and bib shorts, which form the men’s and women’s collection, are printed with bold graphics reminding those wearing the kit to follow Moonen’s motto by celebrating the joy of training and understanding that those sought-after wins will come as a bonus. This design represents a fresh direction for the traditionally minimalist Swiss brand. But while the design takes a step away from the norm for ASSOS, the technical excellence synonymous with the Swiss label remains steadfast.

The Dyora RS Jersey S9 Targa is the definitive ASSOS race jersey, constructed to have a second-skin fit using the brand’s lightest and most breathable fabrics. The jersey also features bonded hems and a zipper to ensure a clean, frictionless finish and aerodynamics. By mixing the prints against the light body of the jersey, ASSOS and Moonen have created a truly eye-catching design, allowing riders to stand out from the crowd.

Completing the ensemble, the Dyora RS bib shorts S9 marry form and function seamlessly. ASSOS has strived to achieve the perfect balance between aerodynamics, endurance, and comfort, and these bib shorts cater to both long training rides and competitive events. Having been developed over more than six years, the S9 design integrates feedback from athletes like Moonen to ensure the bib shorts have everything an athlete needs. The limited edition bib shorts feature the empowering words, “trust the process” emblazoned along the leg in bold orange.

This collaborative effort between Puck Moonen and ASSOS not only offers cyclists a fun and stylish collection to wear but also encapsulates a profound philosophy. It reminds riders that behind the spotlight of victory lies the unyielding foundation of hard work and the willingness to navigate the unpredictable path to excellence. As riders don the kit curated by Moonen and ASSOS, they not only celebrate a shared passion for the sport and high-quality cycling apparel, but also honour the resilience required to conquer personal summits.  

The ASSOS x Puck Moonen collection is available to purchase on the ASSOS app

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