Titici's custom Rouleur Vento bike is beautiful

One of only five for sale, see it first at the upcoming Rouleur Live show

With its incredibly slender top tube and flowing tube shapes, Titici’s sylph-like Vento bike is lovely looking in its standard form. However, the Italian firm has also created a special limited edition version ahead of the Rouleur Live show. Painted using the same geometric pattern from our soon-to-be-released Colours of the Peloton range, just five of the bikes will be made, each available exclusively through the Rouleur store.

Creating road, track, gravel, and mountain bikes, central to each is Titici’s plate absorber technology. Allowing the top tube to be honed down to an incredibly slim depth as it meets the seat tube, this permits increased flexibility. Imparting incredible comfort and a distinctive silhouette, each frame nevertheless remains rigid when reacting to pedalling and steering inputs.

Custom-tailored carbon

Established in 1961, Titici continues to conduct all its design and construction in-house. Unique for a brand producing carbon bicycles, it remains dedicated to hand-crafting each frame. Assembled by hand in Asola, northern Italy, each is made to measure. Allowing the bikes to match the morphology of their riders, the result is an artisan product that can hold its own against the features offered by mass-produced models.

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Completed by the firm’s own paint studio, the finish of each bike is also potentially as unique as its geometry. In the case of the bike to be exhibited at Rouleur Live, they’re showing off their abilities by applying the graphics from our upcoming jerseys to their Vento model.

This custom scheme sees stripes celebrating the cycling community’s colour, diversity, variety, and creativity wrapping the bike’s fork and top tube. With the Rouleur roundel and Titici logo picked out in white, the carbon underneath is visible behind the lacquer.

Displaying the bike’s incredibly neat custom construction to those peering close enough, Rouleur Live will be the first time the bike has been shown publicly. Arriving in London directly from Italy, the following four bikes will be made according to their owners’ exact measurements.

Get close 

Of the firm’s three road bikes, the Vento is the most tailored to escaping into the high mountains. Emphasising low weight and increased comfort, its internal cabling and integrated bar and stem mean it’s not without wind-slipping qualities either.

With the aerodynamic F-RI02 and versatile F-DB02 also on display, the show will present an ideal opportunity to meet the designers behind the range. A brand with equal off-road pedigree, the firm is also famous for popularising mountain biking in Italy. Resurrecting some for this expertise, the F-GR02 and aluminium All-In gravel bikes will again see the brand cater to pioneering off-road riders.

Offering a chance to speak to Titici’s staff and representatives of many other innovative brands, Rouleur Live takes place in London between the 4-6th November. More information and tickets can be found here.

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