The best stylish bicycle storage: The Rouleur Selection

Elevate your bike with one of these beautiful storage and display stands from Cactus Tongue, Vadolibero and Gear Up

You wouldn’t chuck a Kandinsky in an Ikea frame. And neither should you pin a Pinarello or a Pegoretti to the wall with just any old holster. For keeping your bike secure, off the ground, or generally in pride of place, we’ve rounded up eight of the most stylish bicycle storage solutions.

From Italian designed interior decor to more industrial solutions, each will ensure your bike looks its best while helping you retain as much of your precious floor space as possible. 

Depending on your circumstances and the solidity of your particular domicile, drilling something into the wall is perhaps the most popular option. Allowing you to get your bike in close to the side of the room, wall-mounted storage can both look good, and on a more practical level will also allow you to push a vacuum around underneath. 

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Floor mounted stands can also show off your bike in objet d'art style, or work more practically, including keeping multiple machines neatly stored. With some models wedging themselves between floor and ceiling, this means no drilling, and so should keep the landlord off your back regarding any holes in the plasterwork.

Cactus Tounge SSL-R Bike Hanger Rosso

£130, Shop Cactus Tongue

The low-key Cactus Tongue shows off your bike to the best advantage without shouting about it. Made of stainless steel, its twin arms wear soft leather mittens to protect and cradle your bicycle. Allowing you to hang your machine by the top tube or handlebars, this leaves both bike and holster able to neatly slot into a range of locations. Available in a host of finishes, exclusive to the Rouleur Store is this Rosso colourway, which not only looks cool but is designed specifically for road bikes and sits closer to the wall for a more tailored fit. 

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Vadolibero Genus Bike Storage

£540, Shop Vadolibero

Growing from the wall and out into the room like a living thing, the Vadolibero Genus Bike Storage is made of solid hardwood. Simultaneously natural and modernist in design, it’ll both organise and show off your bike and kit to best effect.

Echoing the shape of a tree, and made of either solid matte Canaletto walnut or black oakwood, its trunk accommodates the bike. Seven branches along its sides then provide a dedicated home to a helmet, shoes, jacket, or other accessories. Equally good to look at loaded or left unencumbered, it’ll sit seamlessly within the most stylish of interiors.

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Dayde Bike Stand

£45, Shop Dayde

Simplicity is often the most important ingredient in elegant design. The Dayde Bike Stand, from Made, is quite possibly as simple as it gets. It’s essentially a wooden ledge with a bike-shaped groove. With a blend of wood and copper material, though, it works well in terms of colour and physical strength – with a maximum weight of 30kgs.

It requires some assembly, and will necessitate drilling into the wall, but makes for sophisticated decor at an affordable price point.

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Hiplok Airlok 

£118, Shop Hiplok

A display stand that’s also an independently certified Sold Secure gold lock. Wether left indoors or outside, Hiplok’s Airlok is tough enough to foil the most determined of heists. Certainly, it’s enough to satisfy even the most stringent of insurers. However, despite this indestructible construction, the Airlok is still a pleasing thing to look at. A minimalist Toblerone-like triangle done up in one of many bright powder-coated shades, once in place, it’ll swallow almost any bike in its rubber jaw. Coming with three keys, these are coded so as to spare you having to locate a very large angle grinder should you manage to lose them.

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Gear Up OakRak Floor To Ceiling 2 Bike Rack

£190, Shop Gear Up

This one is certainly a favourite, and currently holding up a set of bikes in my living room.

Owners wanting to stash multiple bikes would do well to check out Gear Up’s oak floor to ceiling rack. Made of furniture-grade oak, it’s an attractive yet unobtrusive addition to any room.

Slotting between floor and ceiling it’ll squash down to a Barrat-home-friendly seven feet or extend to a more Palladian maximum of ten. Once in place, it provides a home to a brace of bicycles without resort to drilling. Supplied with four separate arms to support, these can be finely adjusted allowing you to get your machines nicely lined up, regardless of the slope exhibited by their top tubes. This same facet also makes it good for accommodating more complex suspension or time-trial bikes.  

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Vadolibero Vertik Bike Storage

£1,725, Shop Vadolibero

The best of Italian mechanical engineering married to the most lux of interior design. The Vadolibero Vertik Bike Storage system takes the form of a sleek floor lamp that doubles as a space-saving bike rack. Illuminating your room, it simultaneously displays and secures your bicycle.

Crafted from wood and metal as standard, the exclusive Ludovica Mascheroni limited edition also sees the Vertik’s non-shining parts upholstered in full-grain aniline leather. A no-expense-spared option, all versions will enhance both your bike and living space with an uncommon degree of Italian luxury.

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Artivelo BikeDock

€189, Shop Artivelo

This customisable docking station for your bike and kit allows you to swap shelves and holsters to match your exact requirements. Designed and produced in the Netherlands, its ability to organise the gear needed by the average roadie is testament to its designers’ racing background. With two removable shelves and three loose hooks, plus a holder for your computer, its able to accommodate your helmet, shoes and pump, along with other items. Coming in a range of colours including maillot jaune yellow and Bianchi celeste, it should be an aesthetic and mechanical match for most riders. 

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