Tackle any road with Orbea and HIRU's new clothing line

The Spanish brands have launched a new collection that will serve on the road, mountain and gravel bike alike

As cyclists are more likely than ever to ride different bikes on various types of terrain (road, MTB, gravel, you name it), it would be quite the storage problem if we needed a range of clothes for every discipline.

Spanish bike manufacturer Orbea, together with clothing manufacturers HIRU – which is part of the Orbea family – have found a solution: a new cycling line that comfortably fits any riding surface and condition. 

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The new line takes the brand's existing models to another level, injecting them with more versatility and the ability to cope with diverse temperatures. The collection is available for men, women and juniors, and comes within in standard HIRU range (LAB, ADVANCED, and CORE), but with new designs and colours.

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However, each of these three collections are designed with different intentions and serve different needs.

The LAB range, for example, is conceived with high-performance, aerodynamics and a lightweight feel in mind. Its newest addition is a long-sleeve jersey for cooler temperatures – a garment you could also wear before and after a race.

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As well as jerseys, bib shorts, and accessories, as part of the top-range LAB collection, Orbea and HIRU also offer an aero skinsuit for both men and women featuring a front zipper and two rear pockets (which looks super sleek and fast). The LAB collection is then completed with two different types of bib shorts and two jerseys (with long and short sleeves).

On the other hand, the ADVANCED range is for cyclists who like to go long on paved and unpaved roads and therefore has comfort – but also performance – as its goal.

Finally, the CORE range (a more day-to-day alternative) is designed around the smarter details that make the difference when you cycle often. Its newest racehorse is a sleeveless jersey for the hottest summer days.

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If the LAB collection prefers black, white and light blue colour schemes, in the ADVANCED and CORE lines bold designs triumph in both the men's and women's categories.

As a final touch to all three collections, a set of base layers (sleeveless or with sleeves), a pair of short gloves and colourful socks complete Orbea and HIRU's versatile offer.

You can buy Orbea's new line at orbea.com.

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