New Canyon Endurace CFR and CF SLX – ‘the smoothest-riding road bikes we have ever developed’

Canyon adds two new top-end models to its endurance range

Canyon has unveiled two new top-line models in its Endurace range. The redesigned bikes feature more tyre clearance, the adjustable CP0018 Aerocockpit as used by the Aeroad and the Ultimate, improved aerodynamics and a top tube storage system for minitools and a CO2 inflator.

A CFR model - the designation given to Canyon’s pro-level race bikes that use its highest grade of carbon-fibre - makes its first appearance in the Endurace range, knocking the CF SLX down to the second tier, with Canyon claiming the new Endurace CFR is “arguably the fastest endurance road bike ever made”. The Endurace CFR’s frame weight is a full 100g lower than that of the new CF SLX, building up into a bike that weighs 7.2kg in its lightest setup.

Last year Canyon updated the entry-level aluminium and carbon Endurace AL and CF bikes, and now it's the turn of the top end to advance another step.

However, despite the bigger tyre clearance, it’s not a step towards gravel – the direction in which other brands have headed with their endurance bikes. Although Canyon already categorises the Endurace as ‘all road’, it isn’t claiming extra off-road capability for the new bikes. It has the performance-orientated Grail and the adventure-ready Grizl for that. ‘Go Long’ is the strapline accompanying the new model. In fact, Canyon says road-bike responsiveness was a priority for the new Endurace, and that in its geometry and handling it’s closer to the Ultimate than the Grail. 

Canyon Endurace CFR

According to Canyon, the Endurace – which has been in the German company’s range since 2014 – is about “comfort and speed … that’s the formula for success that the modern rider values, and we’re not here to mess with it.”

To create the new generation of Endurace for the modern rider without messing with the formula, Canyon says it focused on adjustability, versatility, integration, aerodynamics and comfort.


Although comfort comes last in Canyon’s list above, it is something that the German brand does exceptionally well thanks in no small part to its longtime secret weapon, the VCLS seatpost, again deployed here. This consists of two carbon blades working like leaf springs, anchored at the base and connected by a floating saddle clamp at the top that ensures tilt remains the same through the full 20mm of travel that the seatpost’s fore-aft flex can supply.

In Canyon’s words: “While we could shift our focus to other solutions like mechanical suspension or frame configurations that add weight and complexity, we elect to concentrate on the source of the matter.”

The latest version of the post, the S15 VCLS 2.0, combines with DT Swiss’s 22mm internal rim widths and wider tyres - 30mm up front and 32mm at the back - to ensure that the new bikes are “the smoothest-riding we’ve ever developed,” according to Canyon.Canyon Endurace seat post

Tyre clearance has increased from 32mm to 35mm, but interestingly the updated entry-level Endurace AL and CF already had 35mm.

Geometry and sizing

As Canyon points out, comfort is not just about a smooth ride: how the rider sits on the bike is every bit as important.

The Endurace uses Canyon’s SportGeometry which, in a size M, results in a 27mm higher stack and 15mm shorter reach resulting in a less aggressive 1.56 stack-to-reach ratio over the Ultimate’s 1.43. 

This latest bike has a slightly more upright position compared with the outgoing CF SLX, which had a stack/reach ratio of 1.51.

The new Endurace CFR and Endurace CF SLX cover eight frame sizes from 3XS to 2XL, catering for riders from 152cm to over 200cm. As with previous Endurace generations, size 2XS and 3XS bikes get 650B wheels for consistent handling across all frame sizes.

Improved aerodynamics

Canyon has been trickling down aerodynamic optimisation from its Aeroad platform. The Ultimate has already benefited and now it’s the turn of the Endurace. 

“Aero optimisation is a benefit for all riders,” Canyon points out. “What’s more, the longer you ride for, the more it matters. Even at low speeds there are big differences to be made as the rider is out in the wind for longer periods of time.”

The new Endurace bikes swap the H31 Ergocockpit CF for the CP0018 Aerocockpit which is not only aero but also adjustable, with width adjustment of +/-20mm and cut-free height adjustment of 15mm.

Canyon Endurace CFR

As for the frame itself, there’s a narrower head tube that further reduces frontal surface area, new forks that are sleeker in profile with a longer chord than the previous Endurace fork and a new, more slender down tube construction.

Canyon says these enhancements result in a seven-watt improvement over the outgoing Endurace measured at 45 kph.

Internal frame storage

The Endurace CFR and CF SLX are Canyon’s first road bikes to feature internal frame storage. Everybody is doing it, and not just on endurance bikes: Colnago’s C64 and V4RS come with a multitool stored in the steerer. Canyon’s new LOAD top tube storage system comprises a snake-like neoprene sleeve of conjoined pockets that slides inside the top tube through a trapdoor. The pockets are designed for ratchet with eight tool bits, a CO2 inflator and cartridge, tubeless plug and tyre levers - but you have to buy these tools separately as the bike ships with just the sleeve.

If you prefer to keep your bike light and carry the tools in your jersey pocket instead - as Jacques Anquetil used to do with his bidons - you could save 195g by taking out the loaded tool snake.

Canyon Endurace storage unit

Canyon has pretty much everything covered - but what it doesn’t have covered is your bum when it’s raining. There are no mudguard/fender eyes and Canyon says this was a deliberate decision: the clearance needed to achieve the desired foot clearance would have elongated the wheelbase and altered the handling characteristics. Canyon points customers to the Grail and Grizl for all-seasons riding in wet conditions.

Specs and pricing

There’s a surprisingly large gap - almost £4,000 - between the price of the ‘cheapest’ Endurace CFR and the most expensive CF SLX.

The Canyon Endurace CFR is available in three builds, representing the flagship groupsets from Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo. The Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 and SRAM Red AXS bikes have DT Swiss ERC 1100 45mm wheels and are both priced at £8,999 while the Campagnolo Super Record WRL bike has Campagnolo Bora Ultra WTO 33mm wheels and costs £9,999.

The Endurace CF SLX comes in five Shimano and SRAM build options and is priced considerably lower, with the ‘entry-level’ Shimano 105 Di2-equipped CF SLX 7 costing £3,499 going up to the SRAM Force AXS-equipped SLX 8 at £5,249.

All CFR and SF SLX builds include power meters.

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