MAAP Evade Pro Base 2 Jersey and Evo Bib Shorts review – Better for the environment, shorter leg length and stunning aesthetics

The latest releases from the Australian brand are another reminder that it knows how to do hot weather kit extremely well

It should come, perhaps, as little surprise that MAAP is a company which excels in kit designed for the hottest temperatures. Born in sunny Melbourne in 2014, it is a brand which has skyrocketed in popularity in the cycling world over the years, a growth largely driven by MAAP’s bold design aesthetics, highly technical kit and influencer sponsorships. Like many clothing brands in today’s market, MAAP appears to be highly aware of its environmental impact, with a focus on using recycled materials in its latest releases. This forms part of a wider sustainability mission for the company who argues it understands the importance of protecting the environments we ride in.

The recently released Evade Pro Base 2 Jersey is made from 70% recycled knitted Italian fabric in the body area, while both the jersey and Evo Team Bibs (and all of MAAP’s products) use only BlueSign approved fabrics – a certification ensures that goods are made from materials that are produced using only chemicals and processes that are safe for people and the environment, and that air and water emissions from the manufacturing processes are entirely clean.

Sustainability isn’t the only area which MAAP has developed in the Evade Pro Base 2 Jersey and Evo Team Bibs, however. The jersey now features longer sleeves and design tweaks to aid breathability, while the bib shorts are now sold in a shorter leg length option following feedback from MAAP’s female testers. We’ve been riding the kit in both the changeable British weather and the hot Spanish sun over the last couple of weeks to put it to the test.

MAAP Women’s Evade Pro Base 2 Jersey

The Evade Pro Base 2 Jersey is perhaps the most race-focused jersey that MAAP offers. It features a compressive fit – the Australian brand calls this their signature ‘Pro-fit’, as well as a low-profile collar to aid aerodynamics and breathability. Perhaps the most interesting quality of this jersey is that it does not fully fit into the category of being made solely for races and high-performance, MAAP has also added features that make it suitable for all-day adventures and general training rides.

It has reflective prints on the chest, back and sleeves for visibility when the light begins to dim – something I found useful on after-work rides, as well as a zip pocket for any valuables and large pockets to store ample food and spares. The versatility of this jersey goes a little way to justifying its very high cost  – the Evade Pro Base 2 Jersey retails for £165, giving it one of the highest price tags on the market.

When it comes to breathability, the Evade Pro Base 2 Jersey comes into its own. The honeycomb mesh material on the sleeves wicks sweat well and doesn’t allow moisture to build up, nor does it hold odour like some jerseys can. It also feels extremely stretchy and comfortable, I never had any issues feeling like it was cutting into my arms or restricting my movement at all. The recycled knitted Italian fabric on the body of the jersey is breathable too – sweat can show through on the hottest of rides  but I was impressed by how quickly these marks disappeared on descents and in the wind – a sign that the fabric was doing its job and getting rid of any excess moisture.

The YKK Vislon Snap Lock Zip on the jersey feels durable and secure, while the anti-sag back pocket means that the shape remains fitted even when the pockets are fully loaded. I liked having a zip pocket for valuables, though the positioning of this was a little awkward to reach on the move. My only other gripe with this jersey was that the bottom hem is thick and I found it slightly too restrictive – it ensures that the jersey stays in place even in a race position, but it did cut into my midriff slightly. Otherwise, I thought the fit of the Evade Pro Base 2 Jersey was flattering and well-cut to a female contour.

There are undoubtedly more affordable options on the market, but MAAP’s reinvented Evade Pro Base 2 Jersey is, in my opinion, worth the investment due to its versatility. I found myself reaching for this jersey both when I was going for a cafe spin and on an intense group chain gang as it is comfortable enough to wear for both scenarios. The focus on sustainability and awareness that the garment you are wearing is made mostly from recycled materials is also something that would sway me in favour of forking out for an Evade Pro Base 2 Jersey.

MAAP Women's Short Team Bib Evo

MAAP’s Team Bib Evo has been a popular bib short among female cyclists for a long time now, but MAAP has now introduced the ‘short’ version based on feedback from its riders. I haven’t tried the regular length Evo bibs, but I’m a rider who has long struggled with bib shorts being too long (my height is 5 '7 but with a longer torso and shorter leg length, finding the right bibs can be tricky), so I was excited to try the MAAP Women's Short Team Bib Evo.

I was impressed with the fit of these bib shorts almost as soon as I put them on. The bib straps are long enough that they don’t cut into my shoulders at all, and the thick, stretchy fabric allowed a full range of movement. When it comes to the leg length (5cm shorter than the regular Team Bib Evos), it definitely felt shorter than I’m used to in bib shorts, but I was a huge fan of this, especially in the hottest weather. It helps to avoid tan lines and I also felt like it gave me more freedom just generally, my legs were free to move without restriction. The elastic leg hem band with a printed silicone gripper ensures that the shorts stay in place throughout the whole ride, and it wasn’t too tight that it cut into my leg. 

The high-cut mesh waist is also flattering and ensures that the bib shorts don’t cut into the midriff at all, the mesh fabric has great flexibility too. MAAP says the shorts are constructed using a seamless wide elasticised bib brace strap that alleviates pressure points and I can definitely support this claim. There were no tight spots or pulling anywhere on my body when I was wearing the Short Team Bib Evo. The 3D Thermo Moulded multi-layer chamois also helps the shorts have a ‘barely-there’ feel – it provides enough coverage without becoming bulky, giving padding in the places where it is needed but with no excess material. 

After a couple of months which included long rides in the MAAP Women's Short Team Bib Evo, I’m yet to see any wearing or misshaping of the bibs despite multiple washes, likely due to the anti-pilling and high abrasion resistant fabric MAAP says it uses. Like the Evade jersey, the Evo bibs have reflective logos and panelling which make them great for long days on the bike. They don’t feature any ‘easy-pee’ functionality, however, which would be a welcome addition for female cyclists. Retailing for £225, the Short Team Bib Evo bib shorts are expensive, but I would argue that the quality and durability so far has impressed me. If you’re a rider looking for a shorter pair of bib shorts that are incredibly comfortable, I’m yet to find a better option out there.


There is little to fault when it comes to the MAAP Women’s Evade Pro Base 2 Jersey and MAAP Women's Short Team Bib Evo. Both the jersey and bibs are comfortable to wear and especially come into their own when the weather is at its hottest. They definitely are at a premium price point, but the quality does match this. While there are cheaper options on the market, if you’re looking for kit that does it all for both long rides and races, this is a great option.

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