Less is more: Castelli Premio collection

The perfect balance between comfort and aerodynamics

This article was produced in association with Castelli

Leonardo da Vinci once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” As the polymath of the High Renaissance knew well, making something better doesn’t need to mean adding complication – often, less is more.

It’s this very ethos that Italian clothing manufacturer Castelli has carried into its latest, high-performance, premium kit release: the Premio collection. The Premio project is all about creating a jersey and bib short that are so comfortable and so simple, you barely even know they are there.

In the Premio bib shorts, this is achieved by removing panels, seams and inserts, instead opting for a single fabric that hugs the body, perfectly engineered to be tighter where muscles need more compression and looser when flexibility is a priority.

In a move away from the trend seen in most modern bib shorts whereby different materials are used throughout the garment, the Premio bibs are constructed of just three panels, utilising a revolutionary gradient stretch material with state-of-the-art design properties. This material is finished with raw-cut leg endings and minimalistic Castelli lasered logos, as well as lightweight flat bib straps to avoid any risk of abrasion against the skin. A seamless waist also ensures that the Premio bibs avoid cutting into the torso on long rides – these shorts are pure comfort combined with aerodynamics. (The Premio bib shorts came up as the fastest-ever Castelli bib shorts when tested in the windtunnel). Inside the shorts, the Progetto X2 Air Seamless Pad features a cushioning layer and foam of varying density to ensure protection in the places that need it most.

However, a good pair of bib shorts are, of course, not complete without the jersey to match and here Castelli offers the Premio jersey as the perfect accompaniment. The jersey features a similar technology to that found in the Premio bib shorts, with stretch materials to aid aerodynamics and an optimum fit. However, Castelli hasn’t sacrificed comfort here, either. While made to glide smoothly through the air, the Permio jersey still has a breathable fit with a collarless design to avoid chafing on the neck, as well as an additional pocket for all-day adventures.

Comfort and aerodynamics aside, it’s undeniable that a key element of a cycling kit is having visionary aesthetics. When it comes to the Castelli Premio range, this isn’t something that the Italian brand has forgotten. In a move away from its traditional style, the collection features smaller, understated icons of Castelli’s signature scorpion and minimal coloured design elements.

This gives the kit an undeniably premium feel, one that is suitable for the advanced technology used in its design and materials. Above all, the Castelli Premio collection represents the perfect balance of comfort and aerodynamics. It’s proof that to glide through the air saving watts doesn’t have to mean beng squeezed into kit that’s restrictive or unpleasant to wear. Castelli’s Premio means that style, ease of use and aero gains can go hand in hand.

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