Fresh from protecting riders at Paris-Roubaix, POC launches its lightest ever sunglasses

Elicit Clarity sunnies weigh a lightweight 23-grams despite heavy-duty coverage

Most of the riders at the 2021 Paris-Roubaix ended the race with their heads weighed down with mud. Probably weighing less than the accumulated dirt were POC's Elicit Clarity sunglasses worn by the EF Education-Nippo team, they will only have added a feathery 23g. As seen on the face of hard-battling racer Mitch Docker, they're due to get a public launch at the Rouleur Live show in London on November the 4th.

Developed to provide significant protection paired to the lowest possible weight, they're the lightest ever sunglasses POC has produced. Matching the trend for lenses with a greater surface area, the Elicit Clarity's single-piece lens covers a large proportion of the face. However, despite being frameless, a unique truss design along the temples allows for increased rigidity around the lens. As a result, the overall weight is reduced while flexibility is boosted around the head and ears, improving comfort and security.

Tested in races including the first wet Paris-Roubaix in 19-years, EF Education-Nippo rider Mitch Docker helped POC design and test the new sunglasses.

Installed between his moustache and mullet throughout the previous season, Docker used them for both racing and recreation.

"I'm a fan of bigger lenses and I have ridden the Elicits in almost every weather condition, including my last race, Paris-Roubaix, which was very messy," he explains. "I also think they look amazing and it's been fun to work with POC on their development, especially to test them during my length of Sweden ride this summer".

Unrestricted vision

With unique snap to fit hinges, the Elicit’s lens can be switched out in seconds. Held in place by arms made from Bio-Grilamid plastic, these promise to be strong and durable while also being made predominantly from renewable sources. Resulting in unrestricted vision, the frameless design is then intended to create a sensation of openness while still offering substantial protection.

The Elicit sunglasses are not the only lightweight head furniture POC produces. Its famously light Ventral Lite helmet also sits very softly on the rider. Combining with the firm's eyewear to protect both your brain and your sight, paired together, both items will only add around 200g to your rolling weight.

Available from Spring 2022, the Elicit Clarity sunglasses are currently being used by riders from EF Education-Nippo and Drops-Le Col. Launching at Rouleur Live in London; the show runs from the 4th-6th November. An excellent opportunity to try the latest kit and meet some of the designers and riders behind it, you can find more information and tickets here.

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