Enve moves into the gravel sphere with the new Enve Mog

The brand’s first ever gravel bike release aims to be versatile, extremely customisable and is designed for adventure

Enve has long been a brand known for being one of the industry’s leading aftermarket and componentry suppliers, but over the last few years, it has made a foray into manufacturing bikes too. This started with its Custom Road bike which came in 2021 and was backed up with the Enve Melee bike released last year which aimed to become the brand’s leading performance road bike. Now, the Utah-based brand has entered the gravel market, releasing the Enve Mog gravel bike which it describes as “a capable guide for competition, exploration and adventure.”

Enve explains that Mog is a “state of mind”, representing those who push the boundaries of distance and exploration. While the Mog is a bike specifically designed for gravel riding, Enve explains that it has recognised the nuances in modern gravel – for example, the differences between gravel racing and bike packing – so it has made the bike suitably versatile. This comes largely from Enve’s tried and tested chassis concept. Enve says that the Mog’s chassis (frame, fork, handlebar, headset, stem and seatpost) is the canvas on which a rider can create their perfect build and the brand sells the chassis, rather than a complete bike. Riders can then choose the components they would like to accompany their Mog. Enve also offers the option of a ‘rolling chassis’ whereby riders can add an Enve SES, G-Series or Foundation wheelset as desired.

The Mog chassis is compatible with most drivetrain brands and models and can be run with mechanical, electronic wireless, electronic wired and 1x or 2x options (however some 2x configurations will restrict the ability to use a dropper seatpost and a 2x mechanical groupset will require continuous housing from shifter to the front derailleur, so riders will need to check drivetrain's front derailleur is compatible with this configuration before purchasing.) The Enve Mog also features a threaded T47 inboard-bearing bottom bracket, but this needs to be purchased separately from the chassis.

The Mog also features a dropper seatpost option, with a round 27.2mm seat tube allowing for use with either Enve's carbon seatposts or the G Series Dropper Seatpost. Should a rider opt for a dropper seatpost, the Mog will come equipped with Enve’s G Series Dropper Post Lever which can be actuated from the top or the drops of the handlebars.

To add to its versatile qualities, Enve Mog has clearance for up to 2.0” tyre which can be used on standard 700c wheels, with the aim of allowing riders to have range of options when it comes to tyre size, simplifying and cutting out the need to have a range of wheelsets for one bike. 

The bespoke nature of the bike doesn’t stop at the opportunity to customise components and tyres, either, with Enve also offering a range of sizing options for the Mog. The bike is available in six frame sizes and three fork rakes, while the handlebar, stem and seatpost options are “a la carte.” This should mean that the Mog’s handling is optimal regardless of frame size and Enve offers its own ‘best-fit calculator’ to help riders make the best decisions when purchasing their chassis. 

Despite this being a bike aimed at the gravel market, Enve hasn’t sacrificed aerodynamics or a clean look in the Mog. The hoses and wires at the front of the bike are hidden by Enve’s ‘In-Route’ system which is compatible with four options of Enve handlebars and two stem options. The internally routed front-end is made possible by routing hoses and wires between a 1.5" upper bearing and the 1.125" steerer-tube.

Aiming to make the bike suitable for long adventures as well as shorter, intense gravel efforts, the Enve Mog features an in-frame storage solution which Enve calls the “cargo bay.” Each Mog comes complete with two cargo bags that slot inside the downtube, constructed of durable and lightweight neoprene. To stop these bags and internal wires from rattling around on the rough stuff, the Enve Mog also has a retention strap which secures the hoses to the inside wall of the downtube. 

Enve has also collaborated with a number of brands to create accessories which can be purchased as an add-on to the Mog chassis. For example, a Enve x Sella Italia SLR Boost saddle, a Enve x K Edge Combo mount which integrates with the Mog cockpit and even an Enve x Scicion Aerocomfort 3.0 TSA bike bag. Enve itself has also created a gravel specific Enve C.I.M bottle cage which is said to have a firmer hold on water bottles and Enve bar tape.

The Enve Mog chassis retails for £5,500 and prices vary from then on depending on each rider’s choice of wheels, groupsets, handlebars and accessories. Find out more on the Enve website.

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