Desire: Velocio Multi ES Jersey

It’s Sunday morning and the café is full of people in cycling kit. Outside, their bikes are stacked top and tail against the wall. They’re not a cycling club. They’re a group of mates. How’d cycling get so popular again? It can’t be Lance this time. Wiggo? The Olympics? Is it… fashionable? 

More people are cycling now and there’s more kit to choose from. It used to be club kit or a handful of manufacturers that made us all clones whether we were riding for the same club or not. “I don’t want to be like everybody else, that’s why I’m a Mod, see?”

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With so much to choose from, how does a new brand set itself apart from everyone else? Influencers, team sponsorship or both (if you have the cash); Velocio has done this and has ex-pro riders such as Ted King wearing its threads. But that’s only part of the story.

Velocio’s kit is made by a family-owned company in Italy under strict EU labour guidelines and fair labour practices. They’ve taken time to visit them, to meet the machinists, printers and fabric suppliers over a cup of coffee, to talk about their shared passion for cycling. Velocio is also a member of The Conservation Alliance, an organisation that raises funds to protect the environment.

Their Multi ES jersey, which is its homage to the classic Mondrian kit, is available as part of the extensive men’s and women’s ranges. It’s one of a range of unique styles sure to set a rider apart on the road, while sipping fair trade coffee at the café.



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