Rapha unveils £2700 Rocket espresso machine

Rapha take over the controls at one of the world’s most famous espresso makers

Powering both bike riders and hack journalists alike, caffeine is one of the few stimulant pleasures still tolerated by both the UCI and my GP. Well aware that coffee is the default fuel for cyclists, Rapha’s stores have long functioned as both clubhouses and coffee shops.

Pouring forth endless espressos to power its riders and staff, the firm is now collaborating with the world’s most famous espresso machine maker. Based in Milan, from where the first espresso maker was patented, Rocket Espresso continues to lead the way in creating the perfect cup.

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Now a decade since Rocket and Rapha first collaborated, the two brands are again working together to provide Rapha Club members with the chance to own one of a hundred limited edition R Cinquantotto espresso machines. Handmade in Milan, each will be created to order for its purchaser. Already an exclusive device, Rocket and Rapha’s collaboration will ensure each Rapha + Rocket R Cinquantotto machine stands out even further.

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To achieve this, Rapha’s logo is stamped on the side of the machine, while each unit also includes a numbered nameplate riveted to the front. Both dials also gain a Rapha logo, while the needles indicating pressure in the boiler and pump or water inlet switch to Rapha’s famous vivid pink.Named after the number 58, (cinquantotto in Italian), each machine also benefits from the R Cinquantotto’s standard features. These include dual independently operated PID controlled boilers allowing optimum extraction of any coffee type or roast style, plus inclined boiler technology for precise group temperature adjustment and unprecedented temperature stability.
Costing £2,735, each is available solely for Rapha Cycling Club members.

You can sign up to be an RCC member here for your chance to purchase a limited edition R Cinquantotto espresso machine.

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