Attaquer forges new path with Kappa collaboration

The Australian cycling fit has teamed up with sportswear brand Kappa to celebrate the sport of radball

Attaquer has always been bold in its designs, more often than not collaborating with quirky artists from around the world to create eye-catching kits that stand out. However, the brand's most recent collaboration has diverged into a new realm, one poised to resonate with fans of both cycling and football. Yes, you read that correctly – football. This unexpected alliance sees Attaquer joining forces with the esteemed Italian sportswear label Kappa to honour radball, a sport that fuses the worlds of football and cycling together. 

Stevan Musulin, Attaquer's co-founder, aptly captures the essence of radball: "“The sport of radball is something very few people have ever seen, it’s almost mythical. Yet the skills required to play are mind-blowing. Radball merged football with cycling, just like Kappa x Attaquer."

Attaquer asserts that radball stands as one of the most rapidly growing sports, and the brand’s new collection seamlessly draws from the storied histories of cycling, football, and radball itself. While the collaboration between these two brands may strike some as unconventional, Attaquer believes that, much like radball, extraordinary outcomes can emerge when unlikely things come together. The result for Kappa and Attaquer is a retro-style blend of cycling attire and streetwear that pays homage to the golden era of Italian cycling.

Kappa, in the 1970s and 1980s, catapulted into prominence through provocative advertisements, Olympic triumphs, and lucrative football partnerships with prestigious clubs like Manchester City, Barcelona, Roma, and Tottenham Hotspur. The iconic 'Omini' logo became a beloved symbol among football enthusiasts worldwide, fueling a widespread desire for the latest offerings from the Italian brand. Even today, the logo remains instantly recognisable, and in this innovative collaboration, Attaquer playfully substitutes the man with a skeleton motif.

Well before Kappa and Attaquer emerged as producers of technical sportswear, radball had already established its roots. Originating in 1893 by German-American Nicholas Edward Kaufmann, radball held its inaugural World Championships in 1929, setting the stage for its continuous growth in popularity. The sport has now become an integral part of the UCI Indoor Cycling World Championships, with Germany's Lukas Kohl securing victory. 

The curated collection comprises three distinct patterned cycling jerseys: one in sleek black adorned with the collaboration logo, another in a chequered dark green with orange accents, and a third in a cream and black stripe pattern. The collection also includes three radball shirts in similar designs, along with bib shorts, a mesh base layer, t-shirts, a fleece sweater, socks, and a cap.

Guglielminotti Giulia, Kappa’s head of design notes Attaquer’s quality cycling kit, saying, “The combination of our sportswear expertise with Attaquer’s mastery in cycling apparel results in a collection that is not only fashionable but also functionally superior.”

This collection not only pays homage to the rich legacies of cycling, football, and radball but also encapsulates the innovation and daring that define both brands.

The Attaquer x Kappa collection is now available to buy on Attaquer's website.

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