Primed for adventure: ASSOS UMA GTC bib shorts C2

The ultimate bib shorts for all day gravel adventures

Pockets may seem like an insignificant part of everyday clothing, however they are not only full of practical things, but also of meaning. They were first introduced in the 17th centry: men’s jackets and women’s petticoats were designed with slits that allowed access to tie-on pockets in their clothing. As time progressed, men’s  garments were designed to have pockets sewn in, making them much more practical.

In women’s clothing, however, as designs became more figure-hugging, pockets were slowly phased out altogether and women were encouraged to use tiny handbags instead. As women began to seek independence, instruction manuals on how to sew pockets into skirts became more and more popular.

Over time, the ownership of pockets became a form of quiet rebellion and in 1910, a ‘suffragette suit’ with six pockets came into fashion. While pockets on cycling bib shorts will likely be filled with items very different from women’s pockets in the early 20th century, their usefulness makes it easy to understand why generations of women before us were so keen to have them in their clothing.

Gone are the days of having to reach back into a jersey on rough sections of gravel to get a gel or a banana. With ASSOS’s all-new UMA GTC bib shorts C2, it can be as easy as taking one hand off the bars while still in one’s usual position, reaching into one’s bib shorts and grabbing snacks when they are needed. It’s a quicker and safer solution and the three thigh pockets on ASSOS UMA GTC bibs feature an integrated lid of elastic textile to keep everything secure.  

It isn’t just pockets that prime these shorts for adventure, though. They also feature ASSOS’s innovative quick-release biciClick bib strap system which makes nature breaks a whole lot easier. There is nothing worse than peeling off layers of clothing by the side of the road, wasting time and energy, in order to go to the toilet – biciClick’s quick release gives unmatched levels of convenience.

The shorts also feature abrasion-resistant side panels (which ASSOS calls ‘Bun- ny Hop’) that protect the rider from bushes and branches when the trails become rough and narrow. The material is compressive while also stretchy, featuring a 50/50 polyamide and elastane blend. To add to the comfort of the shorts for all-day adventures, the UMA GTC C2 model features ASSOS’s famed Golden-Gate technology in the chamois, with a stitching pattern that holds the front and the back of the insert in place while letting the body float free, allowing movement with the rider, rather than causing friction. The compressive foam of the chamois features shock-absorbing foam layers too, perfect for tackling the rough stuff.

These are a pair of bibs made to take riders beyond the beaten path; fast, comfortable, long lasting and, of course, they even come with pockets.

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