Rouleur Conversations podcast: Mark Cavendish and friends

For our special issue 103 on the theme of speed, we gathered four of the fastest people in the world in their respective sports.

Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes F1), Jamie Chadwick (W Series and Williams development driver), Cal Crutchlow (2009 Supersport world champion) and Mark Cavendish (a very good cyclist) to discuss what makes them tick. What is this need for speed? Do they get a buzz out of the danger? What is the fastest they have ever travelled? Orla Chennaoui hosts the conversation and hangs on for dear life.

On the flip side, Fredrika Ek upped sticks from her native Sweden and decided to cycle round the world - 51,000km and 45 countries. The resulting book Around the World in 1,000 Days is a beautifully-presented travelogue of her amazing journey. The friendliest country she visited? Iran. Bet you weren't expecting that.

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