Smooth operator: Endura D2Z Aeroswitch helmet

There’s a guy called Simon Smart that loves cycling. He’s made a career out of his hobbies. Do something you love and you never work a day in your life. Or so the saying goes. 

He’s an aerodynamicist and works out of a wind tunnel belonging to the Formula 1 team, Mercedes AMG Petronas, another team he provides with his expertise. He also loves motor racing.

He’s the person behind the Scott Plasma time-trial bike, the Smart System wheels from Enve and his company, Drag2Zero, has designed and refined the riding position of the world’s best cyclists for ‘the race of truth’. Since the company’s inception in 2007, he hasn’t wasted much time, has he?


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Last year, Drag2Zero teamed up with Endura and brought about the award-winning Encapsulator speed suit, as worn by Movistar, as well as the Aeroswitch helmet. The latter has just been updated to make it go faster. 

The Aeroswitch isn’t just a TT lid. By detaching the tail, it doubles as a road helmet. The latest version has an anti-fog visor and something called a Koroyd core. Endura has used this Koroyd material – that looks rather like honeycomb – instead of foam, for its ability to reduce the severity of concussion. 

Endura calls the Aeroswitch its “crowning glory” and says that the helmet is faster than the flagship aero lid of six other leading brands. Quite a claim, but given the Smart thinking behind the design, there will be reams of data to back up the claim.

Simon Smart also likes wind tunnels and computers.

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