Share your Brooks saddle story

How has your Brooks saddle been a part of your cycling journey? Use the form within to share your stories with us.

For Issue 117 of Rouleur magazine, Rouleur’s editor Edward Pickering spoke to four riders whose Brooks-equipped bikes are integral parts of their lives. They each shared their unique story of how they got into cycling, their favourite rides, and what led them to getting a Brooks saddle.

Brooks saddles are beautifully hand crafted and made to last, with each saddle telling their own story. Handed down through generations, forming to their riders, they are a rarity in the fast-paced, technology obsessed cycling world and we’d love to hear your Brooks saddle story.

All you have to do is tell us about your saddle, below, and we will select some of your stories to feature.

Read the full Brooks Saddle Stories article.

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