Rouleur podcast: Desire in a Spitfire

A very special Desire edition of the podcast as we reach for the sky at Biggin Hill airport with Spitfires and Hurricanes as a backdrop for our 19.6 issue of the magazine.


Talking over the mighty roar of Rolls Royce Merlin engines are Desire editor Stuart Clapp, Claire Beaumont from Condor Cycles, photographer Benedict Campbell and your host, Ian Parkinson.


Claire explains how a medium-sized shop in London competes with the major manufacturers, tells us what’s hot this summer, and why the JLT-Condor team, started in 2007, was disbanded after a fine run in the UK racing scene.

We have some beautiful bikes to shoot, which Benedict balances on extremely valuable historic aircraft. And Stu gets emotional over Steve McQueen’s jeep. Chocks away.


Fly a Spitfire

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