Video: Mark Cavendish, Cal Crutchlow, Valtteri Bottas and Jamie Chadwick in conversation

Speed – what does that word mean to you? Four legends of their respective sports discuss what speed means to them.

Cycling may seem a world away from motorsports, yet the same principles apply: lightning-fast reflexes, quick thinking and supreme fitness are prerequisites for a career on wheels. And many top drivers and motorcyclists ride bikes both for training and to switch off from the high-octane pressurised life in the fast lane.

In our latest issue, Speed, we brought together Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes), Jamie Chadwick (Williams development driver), Cal Crutchlow (2009 Supersport world champion) and Mark Cavendish (a very good cyclist) to discuss what makes them tick.

What is this need for speed? Do they get a buzz out of the danger? What is the fastest they have ever travelled in their respective sports? How do they relax? Spoiler alert: Lego may be involved... It’s a fascinating debate, expertly chaired by Orla Chennaoui.

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