Gallery: the Revolution of small things

There’s only so many times you can ask your work experience candidate to make the tea.

So after a week in the Rouleur office, cataloging pictures and needling through statistics, we tried to set Conan Marshall the kind of task a press and editorial photography student really wants to gain experience in: being sent on assignment. 

No expense spared, we bought him a first class ticket on the Jubilee Line; destination: the Revolution event at London’s Lee Valley Velodrome. The brief was loose -something about tool boxes and kit bags and what riders do between races- and he took it from there.

“My idea was to isolate people and the objects in the frame,” the Falmouth University student explained when he got back into the office, memory card in pocket, on Monday morning. “The apparatus, track cycling paraphernalia, the food, drink, utensils, tools the mechanics were using, anything that people were bringing along with them to the event. 

“I wanted to purposely glorify and admire the little things, even if what I saw was just plain ordinary.”



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