Gallery: Celebrating 100 years of the yellow jersey

Do you have an Indurain-era yellow jersey stashed somewhere in the loft? Perhaps you picked up the LeMond LeCoq Sportif maillot jaune on a trip to the Tour and have kept it in the camper van all these years. There’s got to be – whisper it – a few Lance Armstrongs knocking around, haven’t there?

If so, Belgium’s famed and fabulous Koers Museum van de Wielersport wants to hear from you. 2019 is 100 years since the yellow jersey was first awarded to the leader of the Tour de France and the Roeselare museum wants to create a display of as many of them as possible. We’ll also be recreating part of the exhibition at this year’s Rouleur Classic.

Check out a few of those they’ve already got hold of in the gallery below and if you’ve got one they don’t yet have, they welcome you to get in touch:



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