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There’s a stand at the football ground. It’s where the hardcore sit. Except, they don’t sit, they stand. They stand and they talk. They talk about how good players were before money changed their beautiful game. It’s a thing. It’s called Golden Age Thinking and sports fans are suckers for it. 

With misty eyes we look back at the 80s. The theme tune to Channel 4 coverage, Phil Liggett’s dulcet tones and the Tour de France that was won by eight seconds. The 1980s were a brilliant era for cycling, but were people in the 80s harking back to Merckx? And in the 60s to Coppi? The truth is, cycling has a rich history and it’s hard to pick out just one halcyon period to fantasize about.

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For South African brand Sako 7, fronted by the Instagram famous Sean Sako, the 80s are particularly close to heart; it’s the era where Sean first discovered his love for bike racing. Watching Andy Hampsten, Davis Phinney et al in their Team 7-Eleven kit were formative years, and it’s with “The Eighties” kit, his company is paying them tribute.


The jersey is race cut with longer sleeves and a shorter body, designed to fit appropriately when the rider is hunched over the bike. At the rear there’s the standard three rear pockets. The shorts feature oversized straps designed to sit flat to the body for comfort, and they also stop bunching over the shoulder.

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The cap has also had a Sako 7 rework. It’s been created taller for extra luft. Not for when you’re hunched over the bike, of course; this is more for when you’re hunched over a post ride cappuccino. 

Sean looked back at this first band of American riders to take on the Europeans at their own game, in their own backyard. He didn’t swear at anyone that disagreed with him. He made some cycling kit. Not all sports fans are like Sean Sako, but most sports fans are partial to a bit of Golden Age Thinking.


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