Desire: Pelotan sunscreen

It’s the night before a weekend ride and the kit is meticulously laid out in preparation for the morning. Paris – Roubaix has nothing on a real “Sunday in Hell” if our partner’s lay-in is thwarted by the sound of a cyclist clattering about looking for a missing sock. We’ve all got our rituals. Coffee first. Weather check. On y va! 

Desire: the new S-Works Venge 

Cyclists spend a lot of time in the sun in this time of year. It’s the best time to ride and cultivate the tan lines. Cycling’s equivalent to service ribbons; a medal for time well spent in the saddle. 

Helmet for the head, sunglasses for the eyes; sun cream for everywhere else? That’s the part of our safety ritual Pelotan think we should give a little more thought to.


In the past, many of us have been ignorant to the dangers of exposure to the sun. Couple that with sun cream that isn’t fit for our purpose and it’s easy to see why it’s been skipped in the pre-ride ritual altogether. That is, until now.

British company, Pelotan, has produced something for cyclists the world over. A once a day coating with it’s non-slick, high level UVA and UVB sun filter spray that will give a rider eight hours of protection. It’s also sweat and water resistant, so it won’t come off even if it does rain.


Pelotan says its best applied 15 minutes before getting in the saddle – sufficient time for another coffee then. What were we saying about rituals? Add it. Sunburn is a bad look.


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