2017 photographs of the year – part 4: Paolo Ciaberta

Paolo Ciaberta is the kind of photographer who’ll go the extra mile for a shot. Sometimes literally. His cycling portfolio is characterised by lots of views of the peloton from afar: the bunch often strung out and sometimes appearing little more than a stripe or a smudge on a mountainous landscape. 

Viewing his pictures on your phone is probably not to do them justice. Nor your tablet or laptop. (And we’re not just saying that to plug his prints). In fact we recently took down one of his pictures from the Rouleur homepage. It depicted the peloton going through the snowy mountains. But in thumbnail size the bunch was too easily mistaken for a strip of foreground fence wire.

Speaking of which, it was by clambering up the anti-avalanche fencing that the Italian was able to nab the above shot of the peloton descending the Passo del Tonal. His selection of this year’s best photos may all indeed come from his native Giro but, high wire acrobatics: that’s what we mean about going the extra mile for his photography.

Paolo Ciaberta“Giant inflatable bidons stand out on the lunar landscape of Mount Etna during the fourth stage of the Giro.”

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Paolo Ciaberta

“Don’t try this at home. A rider drops into a tuck to maximise his speed while descending from the Stelvio during the 16th stage of the Giro.” 

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Paolo Ciaberta

“Without fans pro cycling is nothing. They put colours on the fatigue of the cyclists. This is the 18th stage of the Giro in the Dolomites.”

Paolo Ciaberta

“The peloton on the road to Tortolì during the second stage of this year’s Giro. It was the first time I’ve taken pictures from a helicopter.”

“Something a bit different. I love this picture. I think it includes a lot of Italy: sea, sun, Vincenzo Nibali, his father Salvatore. Plus intrusive fans with big tanned stomachs!”

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