Wahoo launches Wahoo RGT and Wahoo X

The American tech brand has just bought the virtual cycling app RGT Cycling and launched a new subscription service

Wahoo is expanding its portfolio of tech products. The Atlanta-based company has just announced the acquisition of the virtual cycling platform RGT Cycling (now called Wahoo RGT) and the launch of a new subscription service called Wahoo X.

The Wahoo X service is a premium subscription service that includes both the training content of RGT and the Wahoo SYSTM, formerly known as Sufferfest. It provides personalised workouts, video-based content, yoga, and mental training.

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Wahoo RGT will allow riders to just ride (alone or with others), but also to race, and explore highly-detailed virtual roads. Among those roads, athletes can find a library of iconic routes (with virtual cheering fans too), but there's also the option to upload personal GPX files and – through the 'Magic Roads' feature – let the RGT software build a virtual version of the route.Wahoo is currently offering a bundled subscription at the same price of the previous stand-alone SYSTM subscription, while existing SYSTM and RGT subscribers will be migrated to Wahoo X at no extra charge.

The same login will also allow Wahooligans to get access to Wahoo's other products like the ELEMNT Companion App, the Wahoo Fitness App, and wahoofitness.com.

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Wahoo SYSTM and Wahoo RGT are available for iOS, Android, macOS and Windows.

Subscriptions for Wahoo X are priced at US$14.99 a month or US$129 a year, though Wahoo notes that the annual option is currently not available through the Apple App Store or Google Play.

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