The best women’s cycling jerseys

Finding a jersey that can keep you riding during the summer months is just as important as a winter jersey to keep you warm – here are Rouleur’s picks that’ll help you look cool while keeping cool this summer

A jersey is a staple in any cyclist's wardrobe and is a piece of kit that really allows you to show off your style. Now we're into the summer months, we can finally say goodbye to our winter jerseys and start grabbing our short sleeve jerseys and bibs, with our road sunglasses on and sunscreen applied.

It may feel like buying a jersey for summer is much easier than buying a winter jersey because you haven’t got to try and keep warm in single digit temperatures, but finding a jersey that can keep you cool in the hot summer sun is just as important. You’ll want a jersey that is able to wick away sweat and draw moisture away from the body, as well as being easy to move in – making sure you enjoy your all day adventures out on the bike. 

With so many jerseys to choose from, we’ve tried and tested a range from several brands to help you narrow down your search for your 2023 summer cycling look. 

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Universal Colours, Spectrum Light Short Sleeve Jersey 

A featherweight, quirky-looking jersey from the London-based brand which is putting sustainability at the forefront. 

UC summer jerseyUniversal Colours emerged on the scene in 2020 with the aim of challenging the industry in terms of sustainability. This holds true for the brand's latest summer collection as well. The spectrum light jersey, part of the collection, is made from approximately 15 half-litre waste bottles that have been recycled and repurposed. One would never notice that this jersey is made from recycled fabric, as it has a high-quality look and feel to it. 

The side panels and sleeves are constructed with a knitted fabric, ensuring breathability and quick sweat-wicking during rides. The front panel, with a different texture, also provides protection against wind chill. Despite the fabric feeling super thin, the jersey still maintains considerable stretchiness. I chose a size small in the 'noon beige' colour, one of the three available options, and felt it fitted very well. However, due to its light fabric and colour, the jersey itself is somewhat sheer. 

The jersey is cut to have a very flattering fit, which was slightly shorter than some of the other jerseys I have tried, but I actually preferred this in the end. With an elasticated hem secured by silicone grippers, the jersey stayed in place throughout my rides, allowing me to focus on riding rather than worrying about the already short jersey riding up. 

The three rear pockets are easily accessible despite the shorter cut, but are slightly on the small size. Additionally, the jersey features a low-profile collar that sits flush against the neckline and helps secure the zip.

This jersey is one of the standouts for me, and will be my go-to throughout the upcoming summer months. Universal Colours is truly proving that you can have an ethically produced kit without compromising on performance, appearance, or quality.

Price: £140


  • Great fit 
  • Ultra lightweight perfect for summer rides


  • Sheer fabric might not be for everyone
  • Small pockets

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Reviewed by India Paine

Albion, All Road Short Sleeve Jersey

A simple jersey designed for long days out on the bike.

Albion summer jerseyBritish brand Albion prides itself on creating kit suitable for the unpredictable UK weather and enhancing riders' experience with functional apparel. With limited options available, I decided to try the brand’s only short-sleeve jersey – the women's all road in mineral blue.

The fabric used to make the jersey has a silky feel and offers a high level of stretch. It is breathable, but I did notice distinct sweat marks at the end of my ride, which were more noticeable I think due to the colour and fabric. Nonetheless, the small size fit me well, and when I stood up, the jersey sat nicely. However, while riding, I noticed that the elasticated hem at the front continually rode up, which was a slightly annoying flaw of the jersey. On the other hand, the back hem had a gripper, which may have resolved the issue at the front. 

Designed for long days on the bike, the jersey features three rear pockets with pleated bottoms, providing ample space for carrying food and bike essentials. It also includes a secure zipper pocket with a pull cord for easy access to your valuables.

Although I haven't had a chance to test the jersey in wet weather, I have tried it on cooler days and found it to protect me from the chill. Overall, it is a simple jersey that sits at a reasonable price point of £105 compared to other jerseys. However, it didn't particularly impress me in terms of its performance and sweat-wicking properties – a jersey perhaps suited more for the spring months, rather than the height of summer.

Price: £105


  • Reasonably priced 
  • Suits unpredictable weathers 


  • Hem rides up at the front  

Reviewed by India Paine

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Pas Normal Studios, Mechanism Pro Jersey

A race-focused jersey with aerodynamics and compression at the forefront of priorities.

Pas Normal Studios is a brand that has, historically, been more associated with fashion than high performance. The Danish kit company was co-founded by Karl Oskar Olsen who has a background in fashion design and this is reflected in the minimalistic and stylish branding as well as often creative patterning seen in Pas Normal Studios kit. However, the newly-released Pas Normal Studios Mechanism Pro collection is a clear attempt at Pas Normal aiming to infiltrate the more high-performance kit market, something they see as a crucial step to eventually seeing the brand in the WorldTour peloton.

For the Pro range, Pas Normal explains that it worked with fabric mills in Italy to create a revolutionary new material – it features a four-way stretch and woven, synthetic fabrics. This fabric is said to be abrasion resistant, high wicking and fast drying and it also features textured ribbing on the fabric in certain areas both to give compression and aid aerodynamics. 

This material is also extremely breathable, it wicks sweat in areas where it can sometimes build up during hard rides or in hot conditions, such as in the underarms and on the back of the jersey. The sleeves have a laser cut edge which means they sit extremely close to the skin but Pas Normal has achieved this without the sleeves cutting into the arms at all, the material is still extremely flexible. I really liked the low profile collar on the Mechanism Pro Jersey, it means that the garment isn’t at all restrictive and there is no risk of chafing or discomfort around the neck. The fact that the compression material doesn’t span upwards on the jersey across the chest is a good decision from Pas Normal, it means there is no stretching or pulling when closing the YKK zipper which feels secure and durable.

When it comes to aesthetics, the Pas Normal Mechanism Pro range sticks to a simple style with small Pas Normal Studio logos, it forgoes the big ‘Pas Normal Studios’ lettering on the rear of the jersey which is seen on the original Mechanism jersey. Retailing for £195 the Mechanism Pro Jersey is an expensive piece of kit, but the technologically advanced materials and aerodynamic properties go a long way to justify this price tag.

Price: £195


  •  Aerodynamic qualities
  • Compressive fit
  • Minimalistic and sleek aesthetic


  • Seams are tight around the top of arms
  • Expensive

Reviewed by Rachel Jary

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Velocio, Signature Jersey 

A super comfortable and versatile jersey that suits all day adventures, with small details that just make sense.

Velocio summer jersey

Since the brand's inception, Velocio has been dedicated to doing things the right way, whether that be in how it manufactures its apparel to creating kit that you can wear rain or shine. As one of the bigger brands on the market, Velocio had a range of summer jerseys to choose from for different rides and temperatures. I opted to try the women's concept merino jersey, that is said to be suited to changing weather conditions (something I needed testing in the UK during our notoriously changeable spring). 

The jersey is made from natural fibres and is 75% merino wool. Taking it out of the packaging the jersey didn't even feel like a jersey – instead it felt like a super soft cotton t-shirt. Despite Velocio saying this jersey is a race fit, it still had plenty of stretch and in a size small, I had probably could have gone down to an XS. 

The cotton-like feel ensured I didn't feel sweaty, wicking away any moisture without me even noticing. The merino wool also kept wind chill at bay on those slightly cooler summer days. The only thing to note, is that the jersey is very sheer, especially in the 'moonrock' colour I opted for. This probably wouldn't be so prominent with a darker colour, but something to keep in mind if you prefer an opaque jersey. 

The three rear pockets are a suitable size and fit plenty of essentials. One of the pockets was also lined with a waterproof fabric which I really liked as I knew if my phone was in that pocket, it would be protected, and something I think other brand's I think should implement. There's also a zip pocket to keep smaller valuables safe.

The grippers around the hem of the jersey keeps it securely in place and the zip is easy to use whilst riding. Overall, I thought it was a great jersey that I would reach for when going for a long ride on the bike as it is extremely comfortable to wear and can easily manage whatever the British weather throws at it. For £173 (€199), it is in the higher price point but I think this jersey would quickly become a favourite that would ensure you got your money's worth. 

Price: £173 


  • Fabric feels like a second skin 
  • Waterproof rear pocket 
  • Extremely comfortable 


  • Sheer fabric 
  • Size comes up big 

Reviewed by India Paine

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Castelli, Premio Black Women's Jersey

If you’re looking for a jersey that is technical enough to race in but also comfortable enough for long days on the bike, this is a great option.

Castelli’s Premio project is all about creating a clothing collection that is so comfortable and so simple, you barely even know it is there. The brand aims to achieve this by removing panels, seams and inserts, instead opting for a single fabric that hugs the body, perfectly engineered to be tighter where muscles need more compression and looser when flexibility is a priority.

The Premio jersey utilises a stretch woven, polyester body which has an extremely flattering women’s specific fit, it is tight without being too compressive. It features UPF 50+ protection from the sun and wicks sweat well. I didn’t risk overheating in this jersey even when riding in temperatures well upwards of 20 degrees celsius. The ribbed, stretch woven fabric on the sleeves is made from recycled materials and it aids aerodynamics as well as being flexible, airy and cool. The collarless design on the jersey avoids chafing on the neck while the oversized zipper means that the jersey can be easily opened for added airflow while on the move and locked in place with the self-locking feature when the zip is pushed downwards.

While there is a focus on high-performance in the Premio Black jersey, Castelli hasn’t sacrificed practicality. The jersey features an additional pocket for all-day adventures as well as three large main pockets which give more than enough space to pack snacks and spares. When it comes to aesthetics, the Premio Black jersey features small Castelli logos and minimal branding, a change in Castelli’s usual approach to design which I really like – it makes it look more stylish and means you don’t feel like a billboard when riding along. Overall, combining aerodynamics and style with comfort is a tricky task for a clothing brand but Castelli has managed to achieve this with the Premio Black jersey.

Price: £175


  • UPF sun protection
  • Very comfortable and flexible material
  • Flattering cut


  • Not many colour options

Reviewed by Rachel Jary

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Assos, Uma GTV Jersey C2

This jersey gives second-skin effect for the hottest of days, made of extremely lightweight material.

Assos has become household name for cycling kit and for good reason, the Swiss brand has created clothing using revolutionary high-performance fabrics for years. Sometimes this innovative approach means that Assos is ahead of its competitors in terms of new materials, but sometimes it can miss the mark with practicality as it looks to push the limits. The UMA GTV Jersey definitely fits in the former of these two categories, however. It is one of the most comfortable jerseys out there for warm weather riding, made for high-performance, demanding riding without classing itself as a full-on race jersey.

The main body material features UPF 50+ sun protection and Assos describes it as a “Sens SN’ material. It feels light and soft against the skin (though it is worth noting that some of the colours do show sweat patches quite obviously, if this is something that bothers you). Where the jersey comes into its own in terms of breathability is through the mesh panels down the sides – these ensure that moisture is being wicked away from the skin and does not build up throughout the ride. The sleeves and hem of the jersey are laser cut, this means they don’t have a hem which cuts into the skin, adding to the comfort of the UMA GTV model. The shallow collar is streamlined and sits close to the skin without being restrictive, while the jersey has a ‘wrinkle-free’ fit which means it should have strong aerodynamic properties.

The pockets on the rear of the jersey are well placed, making access easy and they have enough room for snacks as well as spare clothing, though there is no zipped pocket for valuables. As is usual with Assos kit, the branding is minimal and colours are understated. I would like to see a few brighter colour options to wear in the warmer months. However, overall, the UMA GTV Jersey does well to feel extremely lightweight and have aerodynamic qualities, it is comfortable enough to be worn as an everyday piece but can double up as a race jersey too, something that maybe justifies the price.

Price: £165


  • Lightweight and airy
  • Very comfortable
  • Large pockets


  • Doesn’t come in any lighter colours which would be more appropriate for summer

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Reviewed by Rachel Jary

Rapha, Core Jersey 

A great looking jersey for the everyday cyclist that performs well at a low price point. 

Rapha's mission is to get more people on bikes, and to do so, the British brand has created a range of products suited to all riders, at all different price points. But even at the cheaper end, Rapha still deliver high quality apparel, and the brand's core jersey is a great entry for new cyclists or for those who don't want to spend a fortune on kit. It comes in a range of colours, in the classic Rapha style, with a contrasting band around the arm. 

The jersey still delivers on the performance front with the fabric being breathable in hot conditions and wicking away moisture quickly, despite a thicker fabric compared to some of the other jerseys reviewed in this guide. It also contains a considerable amount of stretch which makes this jersey comfortable and unrestrictive to wear. 

The rear hem has a flat silicone gripper which helps to keep the jersey from riding up, and despite the front hem not having the same, the flat elastic keeps the front in place still. The three rear pockets fit plenty of essentials and has a zipped pocket for valuables. However, the zip is quite stiff and not easy to use on the bike, so would recommend only putting things you need off the bike in there. 

In comparison to Rapha's more performance focused jerseys, I did have to size down in the core range otherwise the jersey bagged at the back. But for £75, this jersey is a bargain. It's clean, minimal look is stylish and performs well for a jersey of this price. Whether you are new to cycling or not, I think this jersey is a staple in your cycling wardrobe. 

Price: £75


  • Great value for money 
  • Simple design 
  • Lightweight fabric 


  • Size comes up big

Reviewed by India Paine

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Maap, Evade Pro Base 2 Jersey

Re-imagined with a range of sustainable materials, this jersey is part of Maap’s core collection which focuses on comfort and durability

Born out of sunny Melbourne, it’s no surprise that Australian manufacturer Maap knows a thing or two about creating kit for hot weather. The brand has become popular and fashionable among amateur riders since its inception in 2014 and also has a presence in the road racing scene, sponsoring teams such as Trinity Racing, an under-23 development squad that has sent many riders into the WorldTour. Maap’s Evade Pro Base 2 Jersey has been reimagined in this second iteration, using a range of sustainable materials and new design details for premium comfort and durability. 

The main body of the jersey is constructed from 70% recycled knitted Italian fabric which I found to have a soft feel against the skin, it is extremely comfortable with no risk of friction. MAAP has paired this base fabric with a honeycomb mesh sleeve which is great in hot weather, it wicks sweat quickly and ensures that moisture doesn’t build up, it also isn’t tightly fit to the upper arm which keeps things comfortable and flexible. The front of the jersey features a bonded front hem which ensures it stays in place all day, but it’s worth remembering that the Evade Pro Base 2 jersey does have a race-cut, it’s definitely cut shorter at the front. Maap describes this cut as its ‘pro-fit’ and the jersey also has a longer sleeve length and low profile collar as part of this collection.

There’s a zipped pocket at the rear which is useful for valuables and the pockets are generous with space, as well as featuring anti-sag pocket material to ensure that the jersey looks fresher for longer – something you’d hope for at a price of £165. The reflective prints on the chest, back and sleeve of the jersey is a really nice touch and gives some added peace of mind when riding in lowlight conditions.

Price: £165


  • Extremely soft material
  • Reflective detailing
  • Great in hot weather


  • Could be too short at the front for some riders

Reviewed by Rachel Jary

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