The best cycling photography: The Rouleur Selection

Beautiful cycling photography you can own

The three key elements of any magazine are words, design and photography. Celebrating the last of these, we’ve rounded up some of the best cycling photography from individual snappers and storied agencies.

Mixing art and reportage, each can be purchased in various formats, perfect for matching them to the walls of residences both grand and bijou. Covering everything from historic editions of the Tour de France to surrealist riffs on the cycling courtesy of Bruno Barbey, several of the images have also been featured in Rouleur.

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Derek Berwin, Cycling Marathon

From £65 (printed and shipped from UK), Shop Getty

Resting between laps, this photo shows German cyclist Piet Van Kempen at the Wembley velodrome during a six-day cycling event. Taken in September 1936, competitors often covered as many as covered 1,000 miles.

Petanque players gazing at the racing

From £65 (printed and shipped from UK), Shop Getty

Two of France’s great national pastimes combined. A slightly nonplussed group of petanque players watch a rider struggling up a climb. Shoot in July 1962 the colours of the photo, the helmetless rider, and the dress of the spectators perfectly encapsulate the era.

Michael Blann, Roubaix Showers

From £245, Shop Rouleur 

After the famous mud and cobbles come the showers. An integral part of the mythical landscape that makes up Paris-Roubaix, they’re captured here in semi-abstract form by Rouleur contributor Michael Blann. Forming the cover of issue 19.2, these limited edition prints are signed by the artist. 

Bruno Barbey, Rivière des Galets

From £60, Shop Magnum 

Morrocan-born French photographer Bruno Barbey joined Magnum in 1968, the year of the student riots in Paris. An extensive traveller, he captured everything from images of war to surreal moments snatched from daily life, This image of a boy playing on a submerged bicycle was taken on Réunion island in 1991.

Bert Hardy, Mountain Stage

From £65 (printed and shipped from UK), Shop Getty

Racers in the French Alps captured in 1951. Racing on unpaved roads and pursued by a precarious-looking pair on a motorcycle, this image originally appeared in a Picture Post feature entitled ‘The Greatest Show On Earth’. Taken by the English documentary and press photographer Bert Hardy, it’s redolent of cycling’s golden era.

Daniel Hughes, Col du Portet

£420, Shop Rouleur 

Rouleur contributor Daniel Hughes has travelled the world capturing its highest and wildest roads. Here he aims his camera at the Col du Portet in the Pyrenees. Seen early in spring after the snow has melted, it’s almost impossibly lush and green.

Nevill Chadwick, Beryl Burton

From £65 (printed and shipped from UK), Shop Getty

A rare occasion Burton didn’t actually win, this photograph was taken in August 1970. It shows the British rider and multiple former women's world cycle champions on her way to a bronze medal in the 3,000 metres pursuit during the World Cycling Championships in Leicester.

Magnum Cycling Poster Book

£23.95, Shop Thames and Hudson 

This beautiful book unites twenty of the Magnum agency’s greatest cycling images. Including work by Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Breson, and Harry Gruyaert, each is beautifully printed in A3 size on heavyweight stock and can be detached for display or framing. Also available as a book featuring many more images along with writing by Rouleur founder Guy Andrews, both versions are exceptionally nice.

Benedict Campbell, Issue 107

£75, Shop Rouleur

Issue 107 of Rouleur was all about innovation. Benedict Campbell based this cover photo around the theme of 'reinventing the wheel', showing miniature figurines working on a unique looking 5-spoke Black Inc wheel. Shot against a bright blue background, the result is a striking photo which is sure to turn heads and drum up conversation on any wall or mantlepiece.

Michael Blann, Col de Braus

£245, Shop Rouleur

Another stunner from his acclaimed Mountain series, Michael Blann's shot of the Col de Braus will evoke day dreams about cycling holidays in warmer climates. The winding switchbacks, lush green scenery and rolling hills are captured perfectly in this iconic shot of one of the most famous mountain passes in the Alps. Frequented by cyclists who base themselves in French Riviera, the Col de Braus is surrounded by olive groves and often basked in sunshine. Bliss.

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