Santini and Polartec partner up for a new gravel line

Polartec and Santini have created a comfortable yet high-performance gravel line

This is a promotional feature in association with Santini and Polartec

There was a time when road cycling and alpine skiing were two worlds apart. And to imagine gear and clothes that would work excellently in both areas was rather exotic.
However, with technological know-how in both sports and fabrics, companies like Polartec extended the use of apparel from one discipline to the other. As a result, Polartec laid down the foundations for multi-purpose garments that were even difficult to imagine only a few years ago. And through our Bormio exploration, two garments – made by Santini and Polartec together – stood out more than others.
The Gravel Delta T-shirt proved to be the perfect shirt on and off the bike: a soft fit, with an excellent ability to disperse body perspiration and made entirely of recycled Delta® fabric by Polartec®. In addition, the jersey features two rear pockets with small zips to keep the essentials close at hand.

On the other hand, the Alpha Trail jacket by Santini acted as the real Passepartout for colder days. Thanks to the fabrics that make it ideal for other outdoor activities, the Alpha Trail was one of the most worn jackets I used for this mid-season exploration.

Its ultra-lightweight outer layer is internally laminated with Polartec® Alpha® Direct's fabric, which is inherently hydrophobic, moisture-resistant, and able to dry incredibly fast. A small heat-taped zipped chest pocket keeps frequently used items close at hand, while the back pockets mesh, reflective details and ergonomic fit are designed for those long hours on the bike.

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