Rapha B&O Beoplay E8 Sport headphones

Surround yourself in sound

Rapha and Bang & Olufsen, two brands alike in cultural cachet, brought together to provide extra musical motivation to your indoor training. The latest in a long line of collaborations between Rapha and other experts in their fields, including skateboard hype-manufacturers Palace and athleisure advocates Outdoor Voices, these headphones are based on the Danish firm’s already popular Beoplay E8 Sport models.

Tastefully pinkified by Rapha, they feature Bang & Olufsen’s optimised passive noise cancelling to allow you to shut out the outside world and retreat inside your head.

Sold as being ideal for indoor training, they’re IP57-certified waterproof and so don’t mind being sweated all over. Keeping you connected to the outside world, their pairing tone is also the ring of a cycling-specific cowbell.

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Arriving with a range of different fittings, they’re also unlikely to come flying out your ears if you find yourself doing something more kinetic than pedalling atop your turbo trainer; like running, jumping, or sitting on the train - whenever it is that that might be possible again.

Bluetooth compatible, their battery lasts for up to seven hours at a time, far longer than it’s advisable to spend pedalling in one place. Cleverly, their custom-branded travel box will also provide another three additional charges, giving an overall playtime of over 30 hours.

Of course, they’re only as good as the music you choose to listen to. Personally, when sweating on the trainer I go with black metal for pain management, disco for tempo and motivation, and Melvyn Bragg’s In Our Time for that sweet spot between physical fitness and personal betterment.

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