Prime’s top-of-the-line Primavera components

Sometimes it’s best to just come out and state your intentions boldly

This piece has been created in association with Prime Components. 

Prime Components, a company whose singular goal gets stated right in the name. Bold proclamations are one thing; top-of-the-line performance is quite another.  

Fortunately for Prime Components, the company had an ace in the hole while developing the Primavera 56 Wheelset. Prime is a sponsor at the Silverstone Sports Hub Wind Tunnel Room, which means it can test and develop its wheels quickly and continuously. With immediate feedback at the company’s fingertips, Prime can adapt quickly to changing needs, technology, and rider feedback.

At 1,482g, the 56 wheelset is Prime’s lightest and most aerodynamic wheelset ever. And on top of that, the Kevlar-infused T800 UD Carbon used in rim construction makes the wheels tough and responsive. The 23mm inner rim width takes full advantage of modern road tyres for maximum aero and rolling resistance benefits.  

That’s all wrapped around Prime’s Star ratchet system hub. It’s ultra-lightweight and features a dual-spring mechanism and a 36-point engagement system to get your pedal power transferred to the wheel almost instantly. The ratchet rings are made from heat-treated carbon steel, which means you should get a very long life out of them. Should you need to service the hub, Prime has made that super simple, too.  

What’s a wheelset without a host of other Prime components to outfit your ride?  Prime’s Primavera lineup also includes the Carbon Stem, Shorty Carbon Saddle, Seatpost, and Aero Handlebar.  

The Primavera Carbon Handlebars are lighter and faster than their predecessor.  The bars are 13 per cent lighter to be specific, and on average they are 20.6 per cent stiffer with 16 per cent less deformation. That translates into exceptional power transfer, combined with an aero design to cut down on wind resistance. Internal cable routing gets the wind out of your hair – and your cables – too, making the bars that much more efficient. They come in five sizes from 36mm up to 44mm.

Prime hasn’t lost sight of the criticality of other touch-points either. The Primavera  Shorty Carbon Saddle takes full advantage of a truncated nose design that keeps you planted in a power position. The stiff 3K carbon shell and rails increase power transfer, but the PU foam padding ensures you’re still comfortable after all the miles you can handle and then some.

If all of that wasn’t already truly remarkable, Prime’s top-of-the-line Primavera components come in a price friendly to the budget racer in search of high-bling equipment. For all its impressive aero performance, the Primavera 56 wheelset costs only £900. That’s incredible value for a performance wheelset with a thorough design pedigree and proven aerodynamics.

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