La Passione PSN LS Rain Jacket and Prestige Thermal Bib Shorts: First Look

With this jersey and shorts, cyclists are likely to find themselves in possession of everything they need

There’s often an underlying secret behind a word, a connotation or meaning that can reveal something more profound. In English, kit means a set of items used for a particular activity. In Italian, the word is completo, and it’s a bit more intricate.

It translates as complete. However, its primary meaning is not full (like a restaurant) or finished (like when a task is done). No, it signifies something in possession of everything it needs, requiring nothing else: perfect and in balance. And as we know well, balance — in cycling and life — is everything.

A cycling kit, or completo, should aspire to this – in its make-up, but also in its aesthetics and pragmatism. Jerseys and bib shorts ought to be approached as parts of a holistic system rather than separate elements. The PSN LS rain jersey and the Prestige 3/4 thermal bib-shorts from La Passione Cycling Couture certainly fit this bill.

The jersey is made of water-repellent materials: as a result, it protects from rain and wind, and it’s bright enough, with its reflective logos, to stand out when the weather is poor and visibility is average. At the same time, its three-layer fabric also means riding temperature regulation while staying breathable and light, feathering the scales at 370 grams.

The PSN LS Rain Jacket also features a close-fitting pro cut and ergonomic collar. Extra details like the thermo-fleece cuffs and a full-length zipper give it a jacket vibe.

Then, the Prestige Thermal Bib Shorts completes the masterpiece. Made for temperatures ranging from seven to 15 degrees Celsius, it’s a spring and autumn go-to thanks to its soft fleece inner fabric. At the same time, it’s developed to get rid of sweat and unwanted temperature spikes when you put the hammer down or make intense efforts.

It’s conceived for high performance through its ergonomic shape and polyester yarns that increase the push and pull effect of the bib. Furthermore, its pad — the most critical part of a bib short — is designed for hard miles and long days in the saddle. It comprises foams of different densities, which support the areas that receive more pressure in the saddle.

These pieces of kit come from a brand that stands for balance, too. First in its very name – La Passione Cycling Couture, with its combination of Italian, English and French, and then in the founders’ story and background [which we featured in issue 107 – Ed]. Former digital business expert Yurika Marchetti and experienced marketing and comms man Giuliano Ragazzi are partners, both at work and in their private life.

Launched in 2015 from their kitchen table, La Passione has become an established company in the cycling world with a direct-to-consumer model that maintains competitive prices. The fact that they have become the new technical provider for veteran WorldTour squad Movistar Team underlines the quality and respect the company has gained in a short space of time. “Me gusta mucho,” said their talisman and former world champion Alejandro Valverde when he put his hands on the new team kit. We think he approves…

La Passione has nailed it again with this kit. It is, in a word, completo.

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