Kask Elemento review - high-performance helmet put to the test

Kask has launched its new Elemento, designed for high-performing athletes. But does the helmet live up to the brand's claims?

Kask helmets are synonymous with performance, safety and design, with some of the brand's helmets, such as the Protone and Utopia, becoming some of the most popular helmets on the market for both amateur and professional cyclists.

However, each helmet has excelled in one aspect while lagging behind in the other. The Protone is known for its excellent ventilation, while the Utopia boasts impressive aerodynamics. Neither helmet has managed to excel in both areas.

Instead of simply updating the brand’s existing helmet ranges, like it has done previously, Kask decided to create something entirely new and launched its Elemento helmet, branding it as a 'helmet without compromise'. 

The Elemento is designed for elite athletes across all disciplines in cycling, and Kask has worked closely with the Ineos Grenadiers over the past few years to develop this new helmet. But for those of us who aren't racing the Tour de France, the question arises: is this helmet worth the investment (£335), or should it be reserved for the pros? To find out, we put the helmet to the test in hot and cold conditions, as well as on hilly and flat terrain. 

The review

I’ve always been a fan of Kask, I like the brand’s stylish designs and wide range of colours, and the Elemento does not disappoint. Like the Protone, this helmet features a sleek design with minimal branding at the front and back. The Elemento also shares the front and back vents with the Protone, although they are slightly smaller, contributing to improved aerodynamics. The front vents also provide secure storage for your shades. While the colour I reviewed was more traditional, the Elemento range has a range of bolder colours, including beetle green, oxford blue, red, and silver – catering to different styles. 

The helmet has a compact shape that sits comfortably on the head, and with a weight of only 260 grams (size medium), it feels incredibly light while riding. The Octofit+ adjustment system, located at the back of the helmet, ensures a secure fit. It features an easy-to-use dial for quick adjustments, even while riding. The system can also be adjusted up and down, allowing for a lower and more supportive fit towards the back of the head, near the neck. This feature is especially convenient for individuals with longer hair, allowing riders to slot their hair through the gap at the back. 

Kask has removed the brand’s leather-look strap from the Elemento and replaced it with its ‘Pro’ lightweight chinstrap, which Kask has said is used by the Ineos Grenadiers and reduces the overall weight of the helmet by less than two grams. I actually preferred this over the leather-look strap as it was easier to adjust and felt less clunky under my chin as it sat more flush to my skin.

Kask has said that this helmet has been revolutionary for the brand, allowing it to create new technology to greatly improve the helmet's safety features. Thankfully, I haven't had the experience of crashing in the Elemento helmet, so I can't provide a personal review on its new safety features. However, the brand's ‘Fluid Carbon 12’ and ‘Multipod’ technology is said to better protect your head in a crash or fall. Using its own WG11 protocol, the Multipod technology, which is found on the inside of the helmet, is 3D-printed and is able to better withstand linear and rotational impact due to the structure being able to slide and compress upon impact, Kask says. And the Fluid Carbon 12 material is capable of absorbing more energy from an impact than traditional materials. As a result, the helmet has been certified a five-star rating by Virginia Tech.

The helmet's new technology is also designed to enhance airflow, and I personally noticed this when riding. I could distinctly feel the air flowing in through the front and exiting through the back, effectively keeping my head cool even during intense efforts. I can envision that during the peak of summer, whether on a casual ride or during a race, this feature would be crucial in preventing overheating and allowing cyclists to push themselves that bit further. 


This helmet does seem to have the full package – safe, aerodynamic, comfortable, ventilated, and stylish. Since receiving this helmet, I've found myself consistently reaching for it every ride. However, as a rider who enjoys Sunday cafe riders rather than racing, I would likely opt for one of Kask's more affordable helmet options. That being said, if you are performance-driven and eager to stay at the front of the peloton, the Elemento serves as an ideal helmet. 

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